Which woman in the picture seems to be the richest one? The answer reveals what type of a person you are


1Take a good look at this picture and think carefully – which woman seems to be the richest one in your opinion?


Although it sounds silly, your answer can reveal a lot about your attitude towards wealth, attitude towards life and, most importantly, about what you need to change in your life in order to be truly happy.

Psychologists say that our attitude towards money and wealth changes with age and with the acquisition of new life experiences. What is never changing is the relationship between money and happiness. We often hear of people who have wealth that they cannot spend but do not feel real happiness – just as there are people who can barely make ends meet, and still, they find great joy in small things. This is because the wealth comes in a different form for every human being, which is what this test wants to prove.

Here is a little bit bigger picture – what do you think, which woman is the richest?