Which Women Superstars Are Going To Switch Brands?

Source; wwe.com

When Wrestlemania season ends, the WWE is always trying to hit the reset button and shake things up. We always see new faces appear, new feuds are forming in the first couple of weeks after the company’s biggest event of the year. The same will be done this season as Vince McMahon showed up on Monday Night Raw and announced that the Superstar shakeup is going to be happening next week.

This doesn’t mean that we are going to get a new draft, but it rather means that there are some superstars that are just going to switch places. We are not getting two completely new rosters, just a few tweaks will be done. Some tag-teams are going to switch places, some men will have a new home, and some girls will also probably end up on the opposing show.

Source; top2best.com

As far as women are concerned, the division on Smackdown has been better. But, looking at it right now, we don’t know who is going to be challenging Naomi for the title. It’s clear that she needs a new heel opponent and one of the heels from Raw will likely come to Smackdown. Since Nia Jax was the one to look dominant on Raw last Monday, we think that she is going to be staying on Raw, even though they might have done that segment just to build her up. That means that Charlotte can be the girl to switch brands as well. When it comes to Raw, we see either Nia Jax or Charlotte coming to Smackdown. Dana Brooke is also a candidate.

On the other side, it is going to be interesting to see what the writers do with Alexa Bliss. She has lost her rematch for the Women’s title, and we don’t know who is she going to work with going into the next pay per view. As far as Smackdown is concerned, Bliss is the number one candidate to switch brands.

Source; top2best.com