Why World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Will Appeal to All Grind Fans

A lot of time has passed since the Wrath of the Lich King update for World of Warcraft was released, and the project has gone through a development stage in further updates that led it to Dragonflight – new islands and free flight mechanics.

If Dragonflight is an update about the speed of development, dynamics and a quick transition to new and unknown content, then Wrath of the Lich King is about a long and systematic development with a constant investment of gold and the value of each material and weapon.

The hardcore version of the old update for World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King received a long-awaited relaunch in the form of a classic version – where all the canons of the previously popular version are observed, but with features from new updates in the form of interfaces, updated graphics and other nice improvements that do not change general concept of WOTLK.

Slowing down the rate of character development leads to the fact that the overall value of gold, experience and group leveling increases significantly, forcing you to spend hours and days at each level, significantly increasing the cost of each action.

Gold can and should be earned in order to buy the missing materials for crafting and buying possible weapons, to enhance the potential of your character in all possible ways.

  1. Quests and errands – complete tasks to learn the general plot ideas of WoW WOTLK and earn gold and experience at the same time. Given the low rates, it is quests that will bring a stable increase in levels and percentages due to an understandable scheme – you immediately know how much experience you will receive over a certain period of time.
  2. Grinding and hunting – each killed monster may not be fast, but it brings you closer to the coveted level, but at the same time it does a more important task – it allows you to accumulate a large amount of useful resources that will be useful in crafting and trading to earn gold. Considering that each level is mined for a long time, the quantity and quality of the grind increases noticeably, as does the overall value of all efforts.
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Things to do in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King for experience, gold and fun

Gathering resources

In projects such as World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King, a huge role and value is played by the collection of resources – gold and materials related to professions that crafters and the players themselves need to saturate the trading market with enough useful equipment and weapons, potions and precious stones and jewelry.

To start collecting resources, you need to determine two directions in which you will move forward to develop the profession – this is necessary for the future crafting, or concentration on certain areas to increase the quality of the collected resources.

You can choose:


Herb Gathering – does not require additional tools and allows you to collect herbs and plants in all places with active vegetation. Collected resources can be used to make potions and various restorative first aid items, or sold to the appropriate artisans to earn gold.

Skinning – allows you to process the skins of slain animals for dressing leather and making various attributes of light armor. To start work, you need a carving knife, which is purchased in all major cities from leather craftsmen. Particularly impressionable players should not worry – in WoW there is no active visualization of the entire process, but only the result.

Mining – in the case of processing rocks, you will need a special pickaxe, which is purchased from the masters of mining and knowledge of the area. Rocks can only be found in terrain-appropriate locations. By processing ore, you will be able to obtain materials for crafting professions related to the forge and gems that jewelers need to create special stones with additional characteristics for all players. To mount such stones, you need a blacksmith who will install nests in weapons or armor.

Collection of fabrics – various creatures in WoW WOTLK have various materials in their drop list that can be used as a basis for making threads. Threads are needed for sewing magical clothes for attacking magicians, shamans and healers and bags for expanding inventory.

Fishing is the simplest mechanic at first glance, but the developers have put the benefit in this offshoot of the classic gameplay. Spending time with a fishing rod not only takes a break from quests, farming and raids, but you can also catch two types of fish. The main fish, of course, is used in cooking and has several quality variations, which will certainly affect the final dish and the strength of the characteristics, which will be enhanced for everyone who tries it. Special fish is not suitable for food and is used for grinding into reagents and for subsequent use by jewelers and inscribers, alchemists.


One of the most interesting formats and game modes that most online games have.

Raiding is an activity for a large number of players that allows you to interact together as part of a group in order to get the opportunity to fight against a strong enemy and earn new equipment and weapons of good quality, which often cannot be obtained otherwise.

Usually, raids are several stages of the battle with the boss, which has different behaviors and uses different skills to prevent the group from defeating itself. These can be jumping back and approaching, attacks that kill everyone who did not have time to run away, or vice versa, hitting everyone who is at a distance.

Almost always, in the final stages, the boss becomes stronger and it is extremely important for players to prepare all the most powerful skills for the final blow and bring down all their potential on the boss. The goal is to complete the stage as soon as possible and move on to collecting rewards before farming becomes too difficult and becomes impossible