This is the world’s most beautiful horse. However, when the experts examined its hair they remained speechless

The Internet is always filled with all sorts of news that sometimes turn out to be false. Not that long ago, social networks were given another interesting novelty among the sea of information. A photo of “world’s most beautiful horse” has arisen many comments, rumors, and speculations regarding its credibility.

This horse comes from Turkey, and his hair is represented so shiny in the photo that many pose the same question, is it real or has the horse’s hair gone through photoshop instead?

This image comes from a website where an article called “Most Beautiful Horses in the World” was posted. Many people started to share this photo, and it reached number 5 spot for how many people saw the horse as a championship. The coat of this animal is simply glowing in the light.

The experts examined the horse’s hair in order to figure out what is it that makes its coat so shiny. They came to the conclusion that it behaves as a booster of light.

A horse, also known as Akhal-Teke, has a distinctive feature regarding his coat which is shiny and its color resembles the metal one. The Akhal-Teke originates from the deserts of Kara Kum, and it wasn’t heard of until 1881 when Russia annexed Turkmenistan. These horses are rare species, and they represent the emblem of Turkmenistan. Only 1,250 of this magnificent animals are left in the world at this moment.

Perhaps the horse would not take on the title of being the most beautiful one, but surely many of us would agree that its beauty is majestic.