WoW Shadowlands Release Date 2024


Wow Shadowlands is not far from its release date now in 2024. But following the failure that was Warcraft III: Reforged, Blizzard is desperate for some good news headlines, and they hope that will come with the release of WoW Shadowlands.

Announced back in 2024, Shadowlands in the latest expansion from the World of Warcraft MMORPG. WoW continues to hold its grounds after more than a decade in the gaming community, as it is still highly regarded as the best MMORPG that has ever existed.

Its fame and popularity stem solely from its loyal fanbase. But will Blizzard deliver a success, or will it continue to bathe in failure after Warcraft III: Reforged and the state of Overwatch?

WoW Shadowlands: Release Date?

Blizzard hasn’t revealed an exact release date. But we could predict it based on knowing the year and the time when previous expansions have been released.

Most WoW expansions tend to be released somewhere between July and August. So, we expect Shadowlands to be available to the community during that timeframe.

What’s New Lore-vise?

The expansion brings the players fresh new lore, amongst other things.

The expansion is taking place after the Battle of Azeroth, where Sylvanas has managed to destroy the Hel of Domination and successfully breach the Shadowlands.

The Shadowlands is like an alternate version of Azeroth, and it is essentially the afterlife. This afterlife, however, has factions that reside in it. But Sylvana has disrupted the order of which the factions function, so you, the player, have to go there and restore that order.

This place is where dead souls meet their fate. Based on their deeds, they are being sent to the other realms to serve the punishment for their crimes and deeds. However, Sylvanas has disrupted that, and every dead soul is essentially throwing into “The Maw” – the realm reserved only for the most heinous and terrible monsters of Azeroth. The Maw is also inescapable, so that means every dying soul is essentially doomed for eternity.

You, as the player, have to team up with the various factions and restore the balance of the Shadowlands.

What Are the New Zones?

WoW Shadowlands gives the players new unique zones. We will get into each one specifically but it’s important to know that the max-level, endgame, zone is The Maw.

• Bastion

The Shadowland’s version of Heaven, Bastion is the zone where noble souls reside and move on from their past lives. This is the zone that will be most aesthetically pleasing to the player, and the purest one.

It can be easily described as paradise, as this is the place where only good and noble souls go.  Amongst the most popular characters here is Uther Lightbringer, the noble and legendary paladin we all know and love. Bastion is ruled by the noblest of covenants, the Kyrian Covenant.

• Maldraxxus

A polar opposite to Bastion, Maldraxxus is ruled by the Necrolord Covenant. If you know anything about WoW, then we can safely assume that the Necrolord Covenant is something like the undead in Azeroth.

Maldraxxus is a very powerful zone and home to disgusting abominations.

However, this is not the place where evil goes, but rather those that are bound to war. Maldraxxus is a cursed place where every soul is bound to war and destruction. Every being here is cursed to forever fight in a never-ending war.

Those that are judged for Maldraxxus are souls that have war in their blood. The Necromancer Covenant welcomes all those that seek war and greatness from it.

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• Ardenweald

Ardenweald is a forest region that is shrouded in mystery, magic, and healing.

The masters of Ardenweald are the Covenant of the Night Fae.

Ardenweald is a realm of autumn and winter and is different than that of the Emerald Dream where there is only summer and spring.

Here, those that dedicate their lives to nature, mostly Night Elves, are sent. The covenant then helps them rejuvenate, heal, teach them of old and prepares them for their return amongst the living souls.

Many legendary demigods have resided and rested in Ardenweald, before making their return to the living.

This all might sound calming and nice, but each soul that resides is being healed with the precious anima, a liquidly substance that Ardenweald is going low on.

• Ravendreth

The place where souls pray not to be sent at, Ravendreth is dark, gothic, and away from the light of any good.

Ravendreth is a place of torment, and those that were full of pride, flaws, and didn’t have anything to offer the other realms are sent to atone for their sins.

The realm is ruled by the Venthyr Covenant, and each soul undergoes unimaginable torment and pain before they could undergo redemption.

• The Maw

If redemption was the waiting for every tormented soul in Ravendreth, then The Maw offers none.

Truly, the most horrific, evil, irredeemable souls go to this damned realm. The vilest of the vile, the evilest of the evil, and those that are beyond redemption are sent by the Arbiter.

The Maw has no convent ruler, only a legendary being called The Jailer. The Jailer is a being of godlike proportions that is a myth to most souls in Shadowrealm.

The Jailer forbids anyone from escaping The Maw, and that only makes it grow stronger. During the Burning Legion, after the machine of death broke, souls are automatically sent here instead of being charged by the Arbiter.

This unfortunate event has made the realm increasingly powerful, and Sylvannas works closely with The Jailer for total domination.

Each soul is respectively judged by the Arbiter before being sent to one of the realms. As you can imagine, this is no longer the case after the destruction of the machine of death.