WWE Has Big Plans For Jeff Hardy In 2017


The Hardy Boyz have worked very well as the tag team on the Indy scene. Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero became really popular among the wrestling fans. Those broken gimmicks were what enabled them to get a big payday and big return to the WWE. Now, they are not using those gimmicks, but it is expected that Matt Hardy is going to turn broken as soon as WWE acquires all the rights from TNA.

Jeff Hardy, well, he is going to get a big push once these two split up. Right now, they are valuable as a tag team. That division has been horrible for a long time now. It started to get better with the return of the Team Extreme and with the debut of the Revival.


With Wilder out, Revival is a no-go for Raw until July. That means that Hardys will stay together at least until the Revival makes its return. When that happens, the rumors are that Jeff Hardy is going to get a big push into the title scene.

When the Hardys made their WWE debut, they were one of the smallest wrestlers on the roster. With the world of WWE not being the land of the Giants anymore, Jeff Hardy appears much bigger than he once looked. Vince likes that, and he knows that Jeff is one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster today. This guy was a former WWE Champion while being one of the fan favorites. McMahon really likes Jeff, and the rumors are that he is going to receive a big singles push once Hardy Boyz split up, and Broken Matt goes on his own.