WWE Fans Want Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar At Royal Rumble Over Reigns


There have been some reports over the past week that Vince McMahon doesn’t really think much of Finn Balor. Yes, he knows what this man is capable of in the ring, but his character is something that is not good enough for Vince. If we exclude his Demon King persona, the CEO doesn’t think that there is a whole lot about Finn Balor that the fans can dig in.


Him not being over with the fans is something that was stated as one of the main reasons for Balor vs. Lesnar not happening at the Royal Rumble. That is a highly questionable statement as Balor Club merch is probably one of the best sellers that WWE has. The fans always love to see Finn Balor entering the ring and flying from the top rope, finishing off his opponents.

The company did a pole where they asked about who would the WWE Universe like to see going up against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble PPV in a Universal Championship match. The overwhelming winner was Balor who got over 41% of the votes on that poll.

A guy that WWE and Vince McMahon always put in a prime position is Roman Reigns. He got only 8% of the votes, which is 2% less than a semi-retired performer and wrestler in Triple H.

This just goes to show you just how over Finn Balor is. If Vince stated that this man wasn’t legit enough for Lesnar, he would probably have a point since he is much smaller than The Beast Incarnate and hasn’t really been featured on Monday Night Raw over the past couple of months. When it comes to being over, Vince is in the wrong there.