WWE Feared Daniel Bryan Was Going To Leave The Company


Daniel Bryan has been all over the news in the past couple of weeks. He got cleared to wrestle for the WWE after years of trying to get the doctors to let him work in the ring. There is no doubt that Daniel had a lot of problems with all the injuries over the past couple of years, especially those to his head. That is why he was forced to retire and that is why he became the GM of the company as this guy was still under the contract with the WWE.

People were talking about him possibly leaving the company because of the fact that all the doctors cleared him but the WWE doctors. In his mind, he has done everything to get back to the ring. Bryan felt that he was good to go and was depressed about the fact that he couldn’t do what he loves.

Health is his priority, but the thought that he doesn’t need to worry about that since all the experts except the one gave him the green light.


Recently, Triple H talked about that situation and how Bryan was already working towards his return before it was announced.

“There’s a certain point in time when Daniel is not still cleared by us, but he’s gotten clearance from his team and his people and all his things, and I’m sure he was already training and doing things. Maybe not taking bumps, but training and doing the things he wanted to do to get himself back in shape just in case this did happen.”

Triple H also talked about the company fearing that he was going to go somewhere where people wouldn’t prioritize his health, which is, in his words every other place. That tells you right there that the company cleared him in order to prevent him from going anywhere else.