WWE Fired Enzo Amore!

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Last year was the year of people being let go by the WWE and some of the more popular names leaving the company for a multitude of reasons. Neville, Austin Aries, Emma are just a few names of the top of our head that were fired, let go, or left the company on their own. Just recently, we found out that we need to add a new star to that list.

This time, it’s WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore that got straight fired by the WWE. The reason is the fact that Enzo Amore has been accused through Twitter of assaulting a woman. Even though he has denied allegations and the investigation is not done, WWE decided to part ways with Eric Ardnt, or better known as “Enzo Amore.”

The fact that it still hasn’t been confirmed that he indeed did what he has been accused is a proof that WWE fired him because he didn’t even mention anything about that to the company.

Now, he did deny that he did such a thing. Back in 2017, he was accused of the misconduct towards a woman in Phoenix, Arizona, but nothing has been proven yet. Still, not telling them anything was more than enough for WWE to cut ties with him as he has been on a thin line with them for a couple of months now.

The announcement that they fired their Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore is going to be live today, but they have already stated that a guy that has been portraying him, Eric Arndt, is not with the company anymore. They didn’t even wish him well in his future endeavors like they always do, which just shows you that they wanted to cut ties with him as quickly as possible.