WWE Moved One Star To Raw Because Of Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey coming over to the WWE is a huge pickup for the company. Many were skeptical about her switching careers from UFC to professional wrestling. Nobody really knew how she was going to fit into what WWE is planning. But, after her big debut match and after seeing just how the company is treating her, being careful with her career and protecting her as much as she could be protected, we can see that Ronda is going to be fun to watch in the WWE.

It’s not a secret that Vince feels that Ronda Rousey, together with Brock Lesnar, are the biggest attractions that the company has on their roster because of all of the people that don’t follow their shows but know who these two are. He is fully aware of that and McMahon sees money in Ronda, and he is going to position her good.

During the superstar shakeup, we have seen Natalya moving over to the red brand. This was not just because WWE wanted to change things up. They brought her because she is the one that has been training Ronda and they feel like Natalya is going to help her get to where she needs to be when it comes to in-ring performance.


Here is what insider Dave Meltzer had to say about this situation and Natalya on Raw.

“Natalya’s probably a really good first program to do it with because they’re comfortable with each other, they know to work with each other. I mean they’ve worked enough with each other that Natalya has a better read on Ronda’s wrestling strengths and weaknesses than almost any other woman on the roster. And it was made pretty clear from the start with Natalya going over. So in that sense, it’s a positive (for Natalya), I mean protecting Ronda Rousey is one of the main things that they’re gonna be doing over the next year.”