WWE Officially Announces Women’s Royal Rumble

Source: metro.co.uk

It was only a matter of time before this was announced. Over the past two years, WWE has done a lot of first-ever matches for the women. They really didn’t need to make them do everything that the men do like a Hell in a Cell match, but it is what it is. The company wants that media attention, and that is why they are doing things like this. It is purely a publicity stunt, the mainstream attention is their goal.

Stephanie McMahon announced that women will, for the first time ever, have their own Royal Rumble match. Again, that first-time ever phrase is going to be mentioned a lot as WWE really wants to shove that down everybody’s throat, so this is not the last time that you are seeing or hearing it.

Source: www.miamiherald.com

The regular Royal Rumble always has 30 men that enter with only one earning the opportunity to go to Wrestlemania and challenge the World Champion. Two wrestlers begin the match, and the next Superstar usually joins after 90 seconds. Last year they upped that to two minutes.

Women are going to have different rules. Since there are not enough women on the roster for 30 of them to enter this epic clash, there are only going to be 20 superstars in this battle.

Since WWE needs to somehow fit two Rumble’s in one night, and also have a bunch of other matches on the show, this is going to a bit shorter. Besides only 20 women entering, there is also going to be a smaller time period between two new entries. When two women begin battling, the third and every next superstar is going to enter after 60 seconds and not 90 seconds or two minutes. Those are the rules for this big match.