WWE Is Wasting Bray Wyatt


When we saw Randy Orton standing tall at the end of the Royal Rumble, we knew that the push for Bray Wyatt is coming as The Viper was one of his brothers in the Wyatt Family at that time. Everybody was excited while hoping that Bray Wyatt is finally going to get the push that he deserves.

When he won the title at the Elimination Chamber, he was at the top of the world, on top of his game and it was a long time coming. He pinned John Cena twice in three days, both times clean. That is a big accomplishment for anyone, let alone a guy like Bray Wyatt who needed it badly.


Then, the disappointment of him losing the title at the Wrestlemania 33 was so big that everybody thought that he was going back to his old ways. It seems that the company really doesn’t believe in him. They have made him look like a total fool with his strong promos and weak performance. He does talk the talk, and he does it as well as anyone in the company, but the WWE doesn’t want to make him walk the walk.

There is no point in him coming out every single time, looking scary, talking big, and then losing every single match that he is in. When he does win, which is not that often, at least in big duels, he doesn’t win clean. That is not the way you push one of the greatest talents in the company.

When he speaks, the world really is in his hands, but him losing every single time hurts. This week on Monday Night Raw, he was just another guy that was used to make Roman Reigns look good. That is a shame as he is worth so much more than that.