Xbox 2 (Two) – all about it!

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Everybody’s favorite tech giant Microsoft has often been mentioned on the web thanks to their plans regarding PC hardware, smartphone market and the most important one (at least for us) the console market. Apparently, they have been drawing a lot of attention lately with their new project, which is already underway according to some, the Xbox 2 (Two).

The owners of Xbox One know that it came out in 2013, and they also know that Microsoft made a gap of nearly eight years from the Xbox 360 that was available back in 2005. If you do the math, a considerable gap has been created already between the Xbox One and its successor Xbox Two (not as big as between the 360 though), which when we take a look at the speed of tech development feels like light years already. That is why there have been some guesses for when the Xbox Two might see the light of day and the most repeated piece of info is that it might come sometimes at the end of 2018 or early in 2019. The developers and company are keeping quiet about the official release date, but at least we know that they are working on it.

As it goes with tech and time, it is expected that this console will be even more powerful than those before it, which is not that strange. Since the latest hype is all about VR, the Xbox Two will most likely feature it, because the bulk of games that are due for 2017 are expected to offer support for virtual reality. What goes best with VR is high resolution, and that is why there is a bunch of reports stating that Xbox Two will feature a 4K resolution as well, making Xbox Two a strong competitor to the PS4 Pro. As for the internals, it is reported that it will host AMD SoCs which will make this console all the more impressive at least when the optical resolution is concerned.

Since Xbox One has an 8 GB LPDDR3 RAM, you can, without a doubt, expect that Xbox Two will get upgraded, and that possibly might be to up to 16 GB. As for the internal memory, improvements are awaiting the Xbox Two here as well. The Xbox One S, if you remember, came out in three variants – 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB respectively, while the Xbox Two might have the base version that starts at 1 TB easily. Thanks to a report made by Techvicity, we found out that Xbox Two could bring 4K Blu-Ray support and backward compatibility support as well, which can only additionally help this console masterpiece.

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As far as the price goes, do not expect it to be cheap especially with all the goodies we just reported packed inside. The price will be set at base $430 which will rise depending on the setup you choose. With thing loaded as much as it can the top price is expected to be around $630, which won’t be that steep only for the hardcore gamers that will easily pony up the cash just to enjoy the new experience that is brought by Microsoft once again. Since it is still in development stage and is far away from the official debut some things might change but nevertheless it will be the one console that will give all others a run for their money.