Xbox One Summer Update Finally Arrives

Cortana Xbox One

Microsoft has finally started releasing the new summer update for the Xbox One. “Cortana” on Xbox One is part the the summer update. They have added some new features as well as improve Cortana herself. Cortana is now smarter, and can now access more commands. With the previous Cortana struggling with issues such as picking up sound, and executing wrong commands.

Cortana is supposed to be a way where gamers can easily navigate through the Xbox One interface, and to give them a quality experience while gaming. There are still issues with the new Cortana however the team is working on it. All of the summer updates will also be on the awaiting Xbox One S 2TB edition on August 2.

Another feature on the new summer update is the ability to play background music, which was a highly requested feature by Xbox One console owners. “Pandora” which is one of the many partners who will support background music on Xbox One, others include Groove Music, iHeartRadio and others to come in the future.

The “Game Collection” is also updated, you can now find the games you want to play fast and with ease, and manage your games in a new and faster interface. Microsoft has also updated the store to a combination of the Windows Store and the Xbox Store, allowing you to shop faster and find the best deals. Microsoft have also added a review page and have allowed you to filter results by game genre, to help you find what you need in a faster way.

Sharing has also been improved in the update, with an easier way to share video clips, screenshots and achievements. Sharing can also be easily done on the new Xbox app available on iOS and Android. This allows you to share your achievements, stay connected with your friends and the community and find out more on new releases on all of your devices. As an anniversary update, it’s safe to say that this is one of the largest updates in a while.