Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) Prepares to Launch First Major Consumer Product

Yahoo Sunnyvale

The tech giant and leading search engine Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) is getting ready to launch its first major consumer product. As per the reports, the entire senior management team including Marissa Mayer is looking forward to this major achievement.

Insights on Issue

If everything goes fine, and this new product hits the market, then it will be the first such achievement under the leadership of Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer. Even though the company hasn’t provided much information about this new product, but it is likely to be a messaging application.

The information was revealed by Amir Efrati at The Information Reports. Talking about this new launch, Efrati said that a new app would be set forth towards the end of this quarter.

It will be a combination of live videos, recorded videos and texts. It will function like many other applications such as Skype, YouNow, Meerkat, etc. The new application is set to start a new trend in the market and enhance the overall experience of the users. No further information about the product has been shared by the company that has enhanced the confusion in the market. Experts cannot guess anything on the basis of information provided by Yahoo.

When Mayer left Google and joined Yahoo, industry experts called her a ‘Product CEO.’ During her tenure at Google, she always stressed on this one single thing. It’s very important for tech companies to keep launching new, innovative and trend-setting products from time to time. It is how they can survive in the market. All the critics are eagerly waiting for this new product to be launched, just to see what expertise she has brought to the table from Google.

Odds indicate that Yahoo’s app won’t success in the market for obvious reasons; however, it doesn’t mean that this app will be a failure.