Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO)’s Flickr to Display New Photos With Its New Chrome Extension

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Flickr is a photo-hosting platform owned by Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO). It started a new Chrome extension by means of which viewers will be able to view a fresh new photo each time they open a new tab in Google’s browser.

The idea behind this extension is to add life to the otherwise boring tabs by displaying new images. The company has taken a cue from the newly launched Google Art Project Extension by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL). It displays a classic art piece each time a new tab is opened in Google.

The new Flickr tab is simple to use. According to company sources, the new extension makes use of a special algorithm to present a brand new as well as interesting photograph directly in one’s browser. If the viewer is especially interested in the photograph, he can click on the image itself and go directly to the link of the image on Flickr.

The viewer is be able to view more images from the same uploader, by clicking the user name on the screen. This tab can be installed free over any Chrome web store and is lightweight too – 2 megabyte extension.

It may be noted here that Marissa Mayer took over the reins of Yahoo as its CEO almost three years ago. The company has been experiencing quite an overhaul since then. While Marissa Mayer has been concentrating on mergers and acquisitions, she is trying to boost the existing products of Yahoo.

When the company launched its weather app in 2013, photos were primarily taken from Flickr community to add zing to the new app. The app presented several weather-related images depending upon the place and condition where the various uploaders were located. The company also launched a Flickr app last year to be used on iPads.