Yahoo, Microsoft builds bots for fantasy football

Football lovers that make use of Yahoo’s Fantasy Football platform can now make use of Amazon Alexa to get information such as weekend matchup, get predictions and the performance of players as announced by Yahoo on Thursday through Kelly Hirano, the company’s Sports vice president.

The announcement is coming barely a week after an announcement from Microsoft about creating its own football fantasy bot and collaborating with NFL.

To ask a question for any particular skill, you will need to ask with “ Alexa, ask Yahoo Fantasy Football…” after it is enabled on Android app or Alexa  iOS, the skill will be able to make predictions of what the league standings and matchups will be.

The skill will also be able to say the fantasy score on average about NFL individual players. It will also be able to tell which team has which player and if a player is scheduled to play, injured or questionable.

Asking Alexa about the weekly matchup, it summed it up by saying stating who could go down and will predict what your team will use in defeating in the next match. It will also tell you your team’s top scorer and the top scorer for the week and finish off by asking if there is anything else you want it to do for you.

Yahoo has since 1998 been in fantasy football, however, NFL and Microsoft have been working on a bot.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella and Deion Sanders, NFL Hall of Famer at the unveiling of the former’s Ignite Conference that held last month revealed their NFL Fantasy Football bot that will be made available on Skype.

Nadella said that the aim was to find a way to engage people by the use of the bot to enjoy fantasy football which is something a lot of people in the U.S. are fanatical about.

The NFL bot will help to state who will lead in each position. They bot during the demonstration at the event did comparisons to arrive at who will start the quarterback. The individual player’s statistics and draft suggestions will be shared.

Microsoft is yet to make a comment concerning the date we are to expect the release of the bot.