You Won’t Believe How Much Dwayne Johnson Makes Per Movie

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a huge box office attraction. Yes, the former WWE superstar had a miss here and there, but most of his movies are hits. Thanks to his success in past few years this actor now asks for a paycheck in size of his biceps. The amount that Johnson’s demands from his employers haven’t been seen in Hollywood for some time.

And this is no wonder. Johnson manages to create money regardless of the type of film he makes. The Fast and Furious franchise was resurrected after he joined. His comedy movies with Kevin Hart or his solo ventures are all moneymakers.

All in all Dwayne Johnson is now without a doubt the worlds biggest star. And when you have this stature, you want $20 million per movie. According to Wall Street Journal, Johnson is set to make $22 million for his upcoming film “Red Notice.” And, that’s not all. He will also make a profit depending on the success of the movie on the box office.

The exciting part is that Dwayne Johnson asks for $21 million base salary, while additional $1 million is for his promotion of the named movie on the social networks. His Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts offer more than 200 million followers combined. If you thought that his earnings end here, you are mistaken. The percentage of film’s revenues we mentioned will go to producers, and Dwayne is one of them together with director Rawson Marshall Thurber who cooperated with Johnson on Central Intelligence and Skyscraper movies. These two men will receive 50% of any amount made. That 50% will be split where Johnson gets 30%, Thurber 10%, and other producers only 10%.

Moving on, when the movie earns 2.5 times what was invested in it, Johnson and Thurber will make additional $1 million after every $25 million secured. If Dwayne Johnson had a similar deal on his most recent project Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle he would earn tens of millions. Jumanji had a budget of $90 million and made more than $931 million worldwide. Red Notice which will be produced by Universal Studios will have a budget in the region of $160 million.

When you look at numbers that Dwayne Johnson earns, there isn’t anyone like him in the Hollywood. In the past, stars that made this kind of money were Will Smith, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts. Now, it’s Dwayne The Rock Johnson. While he waits for Red Notice paycheck, you can see him in upcoming Rampage and Skyscraper movies. The man deserves this money because he never sleeps.

Well done Dwayne, keep up the good work!