Young Lakers Show Promise In Blowout Win Over Warriors

A day after dominating the Oklahoma City Thunder and beating them easily, the Golden State Warriors dropped a game against the Lakers on the road. But, it wasn’t just a usual defeat. Young Lakers team blew them out in the first half and never looked back. Warriors made some small runs while it looked like two squads switched places.

Kobe Bryant era in LA is over. This turned out to be a good thing for the Lakers as their younger guys now get the chance to show what they got. Luke Walton’s fast-paced style of basketball is paying off right now. Guys are going up and down the court and are hard to defend.There are some serious talent and potential on this team.

D’Angello Russell is their biggest hope, and they need him to turn into the All-Star player. But, they also need to improve as a unit and show us even better performance.

Nobody really jumped out against the Warriors as they had six guys in double figures with Julius Randle and Lou Williams leading the way with 20 points each, while Russell contributed with 17 points. Randle was also dominant on the glass against the Warriors’ bigs and the stats clearly show that. He finished the game with 14 rebounds and was the best player on this day.

It’s still hard to see the Lakers making the playoffs, but there is no doubt about the fact that they are better than expected. If they can keep this up, they will be one of the most fun teams to watch. And who knows, playoffs might return in Lakerland sooner than they thought.