5 SEO Tricks That Can Get Your Business On Page 1 of Google


The Internet is a fantastic place if you want to give your business a little boost. And when it comes to Google, you can never underestimate the power it holds. Millions of people visit google daily; the amount of traffic you can get there is insane.”

But the only way you can benefit from traffic is when you are sitting on the first page of google. That’s where all the magic happens. If the tips below do not suit you for whatever reason, then you can always hire professional SEO gurus from the AIAD company.

To be honest, it is not rocket science. Although there is a lot of hard work and strategy, with the right attitude and a few tricks, you can get a promising position on the first page of google. Which ultimately means more traffic and more customers. Many advanced SEO services like SerpClix provide high-quality solutions to increase organic traffic to your website. When you get organic traffic, your ranking improves, and as a result, you get more business.

Apart from such services, you can follow five easy tricks to get a place on Google’s first page. These tricks are:

1. Use the right keywords

The first and foremost thing you need to do is use the right keywords. Keywords are extremely important and considered as the building blocks.

Why? Because they are based on the search queries. So, who should incorporate all the highly searched keywords on your website so that Google knows you have the answer? However, a thing to remember here is making sure every page of your website has a different set of keywords. So that Google doesn’t get confused, every page should have a specific purpose and a specific set of information.

In addition, make sure the keywords you are using are not randomly placed in the content of your website. Using keywords meaninglessly will make your content less engaging. And once google understands this problem, it will do you no good. So, the trick is to use keywords in such a way that they go with the flow of the content. Moreover, the content should be engaging and should interest the readers.

2. Title and meta description


Having a catchy title that captures the attention of the reader makes all the difference. Just like having a unique domain name will engage the customer, make him remember it easily, so is the case with a catchy and engaging title. Furthermore, make sure you deliver the message in the title along with using the keyword. Again, you shouldn’t forget using the keyword. It is crucial!

Moreover, having a clear, concise and informative meta description is also essential. The meta description is more or less the summary of your webpage. i.e. what actually readers will get once they click it. A good meta description helps Google put your website on the first page as it makes it easy for Google to understand which search query you are answering.

3. User experience


User experience is extremely crucial. Why? Because your website is worth nothing if users don’t like it! It is simple. So, invest your time and energy in making sure your website offers a good user experience.

A good user experience depends upon a couple of things. Firstly, the site structure should be simple to understand. The information should be readily available to the users, and it should be a simple click-and-get task without having to roam for minutes to understand how the site works. The simple the site flow is, the better is the user experience.

The time a user spends on your website is also essential. The more time they spend, and the higher is the frequency of their visits, and the greater is the chance google will get your rankings up. Websites that are easy to navigate, answer reader’s queries right away, and ensure readers keep returning get a place on the first page for sure.

4. Mobile friendly

Today, people not only use personal computers and laptops to surf; in fact, they use tablets and smartphones for this purpose as well. So, your website needs to keep this thing in mind and have a responsive design. It means that it should have a fast loading time. You should design the website in such a way that it provides maximum user experience and interaction even on smart devices. In other words, your website should be efficient enough to fit the size of a smartphone’s screen as well. And that its functionality stays intact. In short, the users should not experience any difference in the website while using a mobile or a laptop.

5. Invest in Google My Business Account


Among the many tricks that help you set your website on the 1st page is creating my business account. You might not know about this, but you can easily get a place on the first page by setting an account. Making a google business account is very simple and easy, and above all, it’s free. In addition, through using this account, you can also become location-specific so that when users from your selected location search for something that’s relevant to your, your website will be among the first things, they will see. So, if you want to boost your local business, all you have to do is set up an account, provide details of your company profile, create listings, uploads images of the listings, and that’s it. Once you have done that, the results will be visible to you!


There are so many ways SEO can help you get a position on Google’s first page, and up your website’s ranking. But the tips and tricks mentioned above are known to give the most promising results. So, use these tricks, make necessary adjustments and watch your website rank on Goggle’s first page!