5 Reasons Your Child Needs Private Soccer Training


Getting your child into sports is always beneficial for their growth, health, and set in place healthy habits.

And there is always the slight possibility of your child being good at it. From the many sports that exist, soccer is probably the most profitable one.

Soccer is adored and loved by billions of people on this planet and the worldwide coverage presents a huge career opportunity.

But to be good at soccer, well you need to have talent. Unfortunately with such high competition, that means that talent on its own isn’t enough. You really need to commit to the sport to make the most out of it.

And if you feel as your child is good at it, then you should consider getting private soccer training.

In this article, we will outlay the 5 reasons why you should do that. So don’t go anywhere as we’ll start right now.

Individual Training VS Team Training


A lot of soccer academies are prioritizing smaller groups instead of full-team sessions. That’s because individual and team training sessions are very different.

While soccer is a team sport, that doesn’t mean your kid won’t benefit from individual training. Academies prioritize smaller groups because of a few things. For starters, it’s easier to manage each kid and easier to dedicate more attention.

While we won’t spoil all the reasons, individual training sessions can also be one-on-one training. And here is why you should hire a personal trainer to work with your kid.

1. More Attention

It’s hard to get the necessary attention your kid deserves to work on aspects of their game when in a team setting. There are only so many couches that will work with each kid individually. While academies do prioritize having a larger coaching staff, that doesn’t mean it’s always the case.

Some academies are very small and the ratio of kid to coat can sometimes surpass 1 to 6. That means that a coach oftentimes has to work with as many as 6 kids. For an hour to two-hour sessions, that can be pretty hard to devote enough attention to each kid individually.

So if want someone to spend more attention working with your child, consider private training.

2. More Time To Work on Their Game


Training at an early age is all about one thing; spending more time on the ball. A kid has to feel comfortable when kicking a ball, running, and passing. But the common denominator in all of this is the ball.

Ball control is what makes a soccer player good. Soccer drills at an early age involve the ball plenty. While running drills are also important, it’s all about making the kid feel comfortable with the ball.

By getting private training where your kid will work in a very small group, such as the one over at LevelupCoaching.org who provides private soccer lessons in Minneapolis, your kid will have more time to work on their game and become better at it.

3. More Time to Improve And Get Better

When your kid trains in an individual setting, there is more time to not only work on their game but to improve their weaknesses.

Coaches can spot what each kid lacks very early. They can see whether or not they’re a good kicker of the ball, whether they’re slow and agile, or if their attitude is bad.

Working on all of these aspects and improving will make your kid a better soccer player. Attitude alone can ruin a player’s career. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at where Mario Balotelli plays.

Regardless, with individual training, your child will have more time to improve on all of these aspects.

4. Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation plays a huge role in how successful a player is. Not only can motivation completely ruin a player, but a player must first find the motivation to become a soccer player.

It can be quite hard to motivate in group sessions training consisting of 20+ kids. That isn’t the case in smaller groups where every kid will have enough attention to improve their game.

By putting in the extra effort, your kid will come home satisfied and pleasant with the day’s training. Individual sessions or one-on-one sessions do just that.

Like motivation, inspiration is yet another factor that can make your child a great player. Inspiration, along with motivation, is what drives us. And it will be the fuel to drive your kid and become a better soccer player.

5. Time to Invest

Ultimately, the choice of sending your kid to individual training sessions is all down to one thing; your child’s interest and happiness.

If your kid feels special about the beautiful game, then why make them happier by fulfilling their interest in it?

Nothing is more meaningful to us than seeing our kids happy. And if soccer is what makes them happy, then why not make them even happier by sending them to private training sessions where they can truly get better at the game.

Building a Relationship With an Expert


Individual training sessions will not only make you better at the game, but they will also help you build stronger relationships. We will never hear the end of professional players praising their coaches for their success.

By a lot of players, these people have been with them ever since an early age. They’ve helped them develop into the players they are today. And that wouldn’t have been possible if both player and coach haven’t developed a strong relationship.

If your child shows promising signs of being good at soccer, the coach will spend more time with them even in group training. But this also works both ways. If your kid isn’t that good then chances are the coach will spend less time with them.

Instead of waiting for the coach to notice them, why not get your kid into smaller groups where the coaches can pay more attention to them?

Private lessons with expert trainers can push your kid and become much better at the game.