Your Pocket Guide to Planning a Truly Memorable East Coast Trip

Whether you are an enthusiastic US traveler or a die-hard globetrotter, chances are the East Coast is on your destination bucket list. And for good reason too – the coast is blessed with both stunning landscapes and important man-made landmarks that will leave you breathless. Thanks to the spread of locations and sights on the coast you can jump from one hotspot to another without losing too much time in between. It is also important to note, this side of the country is also one of the more expensive to visit, so you’ll need to thoroughly plan your trip ahead so as to minimize whatever unpleasant surprises may arise. Below you’ll find a list that will shed some light on how you can best plan and undertake this exciting voyage.

What to See

Depending on how much time you have on your hands, you can start out in the north by giving yourself a wonderful vacation away from the urban hustle and bustle by visiting places of great natural beauty. According to Globerouter, a vacation planning and booking website, Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen State Park are worth visiting if you want to experience breath-taking nature and have some unforgettable moments and memories for the start of your journey. Just a bit further towards the Atlantic you’ll also be able to disconnect among the magnificent White Mountains in New Hampshire, a great getaway for any nature lover. Continuing the natural landscape escapade, you can delight yourself with the gorgeous waterfront views in Portland, Maine (and indulge your passion for all things Stephen King). 

It would be a shame not to also intersperse your East Coast visits with pit stops in the greatest urban establishments in the US. You can’t say you’ve seen the east if you haven’t dropped by New York, this amazing magical city that may seem overwhelming at first, but that will dazzle you with its energy as soon as you walk through Central Park and admire the panoramic views from the Empire State Building. While you’re in the area, be sure to also make a pit stop in Washington DC, the nation’s capital. Other unforgettable cities include Baltimore, Maryland and Boston. 

Where to Stay

When it comes to traveling, accommodation can usually make the biggest dent in your finances, so make sure you’re choosing wisely. While there are cheaper hotels you can find all throughout your trip, a better option would be to rent out an apartment or to choose the Airbnb route. You can either get an entire place or a room in a shared apartment – this way you’ll enjoy lower rates, whilst enjoying your journey in style and comfort. Thankfully, this renting option is more common now than ever, so you’ll most likely find alternatives regardless of the location you choose to spend your nights in. 

How to Best Plan Your Meals

Apart from the cheaper fares, the best thing about renting an apartment or room is that it also allows you to save extra cash on meals. By always having a kitchen at your disposal, you can easily shop for groceries at the supermarket and prepare breakfast at home or just some light on-the-go dishes that you can carry with you around town. If you do stay at a motel or hotel, make sure to book those that also offer complimentary breakfast. At the same time, even though stopping by a fast-food chain or eating sandwiches all day long may sound good for your budget, make sure you don’t miss out on sampling the local cuisine!

Cutting Costs

There are many ways to cut back on costs when you’re planning for a trip such as the East Coast one. One of them would be to leave your car at home and just rent one between your destinations. While you’re in the city, you can also consider using public transportation, since most locations have a pretty developed public infrastructure; your wallet will thank you for it. Additionally, you’ll get to travel with the locals and thus get a better feel for the place you’re in, while also being more relaxed from not having to drive yourself. 

If you do end up driving yourself, you can even rent something on the outskirts of your preferred location or downright outside of the area you’re interested in and then simply commute at your leisure. 

Finally, no one wants to come back from vacation irrevocably indebted, so if you want to be overly cautious with your budget and feel comfortable doing so, you can simply rent out your own place back home for extra cash while you’re away.

Having said all this, the East Coast is an amazing region to create lifelong memories and see awe-inspiring locations in. All you need to do is tweak your plans a bit so as to optimize your travel and time, which will ultimately work towards your budget. If you take into consideration all the points listed above and reserve some hours to careful planning, you’ll more than likely have a trip that will restore your wanderlust and make you feel more alive than ever.