Zac Efron reveals the feel of working with The Rock


Yes, everyone will agree that Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a huge man, in every way possible, but there are a lot bigger guys than him as well. The only difference is that Dwayne is an actor with constant contact with the people and that he is, despite his intimidating posture, a true joy to work with. This, of course, comes from one of his Baywatch co-stars Zac Efron who apparently had a swell time working and hanging out with everyone’s favorite wrestler/actor, and he recently had a chance to talk about it.

You all know that Zac and Dwayne are both working on Seth Gordon’s soon-to-be-released summer blockbuster – Baywatch but what you do not know is that while giving an interview for Entertainment Weekly, Zac couldn’t hide his enthusiasm with Dwayne. He had this to say – “You know, what’s funny is we’re clearly very different. He’s a funny dude. He’s always expanding, and he just gets better as he goes, like a flower that never stops blooming. It was fun to get in and really juke and jive with a guy who’s twice my size and has zero fear.”

The difference that Zac is mentioning is probably in the clear delineation you have in Baywatch between the character they play (Efron’s Matt Brody and Dwayne Johnson’s Mitch Buchanan). The Baywatch fans know that Brody is a hot shot with all talk and no substance while Buchanan is the real deal, a true action hero. There is the size difference between them as well (slightly less important) but there is also one major thing that brings them close, and that is their career. They are both in the middle of their career boom, which is not a small deal.


But what you also have here is a clear scenario of student learning from its teacher, and let me tell you, Zac couldn’t have picked a better guy for that job. From the already released trailers of Baywatch, you see that Dwayne’s approach to his job and his acting, in general, is totally influencing Zac and making him step up his overall game. The movie Baywatch would be a huge boost for anyone, especially when you consider the career department, even more, when you have a leading star like The Rock besides you, so we all assume that Efron will only benefit more from it.

It would be totally stingy of us if we didn’t use the same article to praise Efron himself. There is no one who can say otherwise, but Efron is actually doing great for himself, especially with his talents which have really grown and developed a lot these recent years. But for those of you who are skeptic about what we are saying, just wait because on May 2nd the Johnson-Efron duo is coming to the big screen and they are about to confirm everything we said here.