Zarooq SandRacer 500 – the ultimate dune warrior!

Zarooq Motors, an automaker based in the United Arab Emirates has made something new that will manage to stand out even on the streets where the police patrols around in Bugattis and Lamborghinis while the filthy rich roam the streets in their hypercars. Yes, I mean Dubai and yes, this time Zarooq Motors made a dune buggy that will catch anyone’s eye, and not only here but in the other filthy rich country – Monaco, where the company also maintains an office.

The dune buggy in question is called the SandRacer 500, and it is pretty much a faster and more advanced version of the dune buggy that they have revealed in December 2015 during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The company decided to ax the original 3.5 L V6 which just wasn’t good or fast enough and opted for a tuned Corvette V8 engine that sits directly behind the driver. That unit is capable of producing a steady 525 HP and 487 pound-feet of torque which has to push a mild 2.700 pounds. Thanks to that the SandRacer 500 actually lives up to its name and it will without a doubt allow you to rip through sand dunes with a whole lot of HP crouching just behind your back.

To make this a true dune warrior the company slapped on a five-speed sequential gearbox and a suspension with nearly 18 inches of travel which easily allow you to go sky high but at the same time land so softly that you feel like you were on the ground the entire time. It is a good thing to know that this sort of equipment is normally reserved for the most extreme off-road race trucks.

But the engine is not what is the most interesting feature of this dune warrior. No, the most interesting thing about this vehicle is its cartoon-like carbon fiber body specifically built for this model by the one company that doesn’t know when to stop when adding scoops, spoilers, and over-sized trim. Yes, you probably guessed it, it is the Mansory, the German tuner house. As far as the inside of the Zarooq SandRacer 500 is considered, we can tell you that it is covered in leather, air conditioning, and all the usual features that a $450,000 custom car can have and fit.

The company announced that only 35 will be made, with more to follow when the regulars at the Casino de Monte-Carlo get jealous enough. LoL!

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