Zoom+ health plan launched new chat app for patients’ convenience

image source: glassdoor.com

An app that enables health plan on full stack known as Zoom+ that offers walk-in clinics, telemedicine, as well integrated health insurance in Oregon area in Portland that is tech-enabled has come up with Zoom+care chat which is a new feature.

Zoom+ users will be able to have access to medical advice with the new feature and also get prescriptions through a secure message link, which will be more convenient for patients and to bring to the barest minimum the number of people that Zoom+ clinics are scheduled to attend to.

Co-founder and CEO of Zoom+, Dr. Dave Sanders said that the app has radicalized the way healthcare is accessed for up to a decade now. He said that they are resting on their oars, but trailblazing with the introduction of the Zomm+Care Chat with the intention to make access to healthcare easier, faster, and even more affordable with all barriers removed.

The new app will be functional on tablets, smartphones and also on computers. The patients that make use of the app can have up to 5-7 minutes of chat with a nurse practitioner, a physician, neuropathic doctor, or a physician’s assistant.

Some common conditions can be diagnosed and treated over chat with prescriptions made. A scheduled visit can also be made at any of the Zoom+Care clinics in the neighborhood if the case is such that needs more expertise to handle. The chat history between the healthcare provider and the patient will be added to the patient’s medical record.

The app will be accessible to users who are registered members in any part of the world, and who have made a visit to Zoom+ providers in not less than 3 years. For new users, they will have to be in Oregon Zoom+Care clinic to begin. The services will be free at the start and will be available from 10am to 9pm pacific time.

Co-founder and chief medical officer of Zoom, Dr. Albert DiPiero said they are all excited about the new app noting that having access to healthcare is tantamount to better health which is what the app will provide. He also said that patients will have instant online diagnosis and treatment where applicable by professionals, adding that it is like having a doctor at your beck and call.

image source: forbes.com

It was at the MobiHealthNews event held in San Francisco that Sanders said that such integration is needed to solve the plague that is bedeviling America’s healthcare system.