Zootopia 2 Release Date, News and Updates


Zootopia was a really successful film and probably one of the best in 2016 which is the reason we expect to see Zootopia 2 in the theaters.

The way they made animated movies has changed a lot and this kind of film are important just like any other genre. They have their own market, and it comes as no surprise when you hear that an animated movie has grossed millions of dollars. What is different is that animated movies are made not only for kids but for adults also, with clever jokes and entertaining plot.

Zootopia was the second highest grossing in 2016, and it reached the second place when it comes to popularity also. This movie was released on March 4, 2016, as the audience was thrilled with this film and they want to see what happens next in Zootopia. The success of the original probably got the creators thinking of filming the sequel, but all we’ve got so far are the rumors. This movie is expected to become a franchise and until that happens let’s check some facts.


We have already mentioned that Zootopia was the second highest grossing movie, but we didn’t say that it earned $1.006 billion with “only” $150 million invested in it. The first on the list was Captain America: Civil War with the total gross of $1.142 billion. It is interesting that only four animated movies managed to gross over $1 billion and these movies are Minions, Frozen, Toy Story 3 and now Zootopia.

Putting income aside, we need to say that Zootopia was also favored by the critics and the audience loved it. On IMDb, 117,900 viewers voted and gave this movie the score of 8.2 out of 10 while on Rotten Tomatoes it received incredible 98%.

Cast and Crew

Byron Howard and Richard Moore created this fantastic animated movie, and we could see them previously working together on Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph. Ginnifer Goodwin was Judy Hopps, while Jason Bateman gave his voice to Nick Wilde. Idris Elba and Jenny Slate were in the roles of Chief Bogo and Bellwether, while Nate Torrence was the Clawhauster. They couldn’t do without Bonnie Hunt who played Bonnie Hopps and Don Lake in the role of Stu Hopps. These people will probably reprise their voices in Zootopia 2.



The movie Zootopia is actually a tale of a large city in which all animals have happy lives, and they all live in harmony – elephants and mice, carnivores and herbivores. The story follows two characters, detective Judy Hopps and her what will later become a sidekick Nick Wilde.

Judy Hopps arrives in the large city with a lot of enthusiasm to do what he always wanted to, which is to be a cop. Her job initially is to write parking tickets, but when she hears that animals are missing from Zootopia, she tries to prove her worth by attempting to solve the case. Nick Wilde, on the other hand, is a fox and he can fool anyone with his wit as they join forces in order to solve the mystery.

Zootopia 2 – Storyline

Although Zootopia is an animated movie, it deals with racism and stereotypes, so we expect the second installment to tackle the real-world issue as well. The current issue in the US is the political election, and there is so much controversy about the new President Donald Trump, so it is possible that we may see something about that. Mayor Lionheart might be challenged for his position, but these are just speculations.

Zootopia 2 Release Date

There just isn’t enough concrete information about the new movie, but we expect Zootopia 2 to hit the theaters in either 2018 or 2019. Frozen 2 will arrive next year while Wreck-It Ralph 2 is currently under consideration by Disney. Follow us for more details.