10 Best Car Innovations In 2016


The car industry is improving every day, and in 2016 we have seen some amazing technologies and innovations. We are not referring only to autonomous driving, but all of the new equipment such as virtual displays or drone landing pads. The manufacturers are aware that the future cars need to be easy to drive and although most of these innovations are only present in concept vehicles, we can clearly see the path of this industry. Some of these features might be used on production versions someday and here are best of the best.

1. BMW Vision Next 100 Concept – Wheels

Here you can see the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept and its wheels which look amazing when you turn the steering wheel. Although this is only a detail, it shows the way the company’s thinking and how they want to improve the aesthetic of a car. We will forget about practicality for a second and admire this design.


2. Toyota Wood Vehicle

This may shock you, but Toyota actually built a vehicle entirely out of wood that can be driven. Exactly 86 handmade panels were used for this two-seater, and they were connected with joints, not nails. This is something which we will not see in the future, though, but it has something to do with the past. According to Toyota, the wood will darken and bend as the time passes, which is what they wanted to show – the passage of time.


3. Mirrorless Lexus UX concept SUV

Instead of side view mirrors, the Lexus UX concept is equipped with cameras. We have already seen a car with cameras instead of mirrors, but Lexus solution is interesting because they are allowed actually to produce and sell mirrorless vehicles. We expect more of these from Toyota and Lexus in the future.


4. Rolls-Royce Vision 100 Concept – The Interior

The interior of the Rolls-Royce Vision Concept is breath-taking, and this is what we expect from fully autonomous cars in the future. There is room for two passengers in this concept who can sit on a silk sofa and enjoy their favorite TV show or a movie on a beautiful OLED TV screen. It is wonderful to see the carmakers trying to change the interior of their vehicles. Some other car companies have also come up with new designs, but this one is just stunning!


5. Mercedes Maybach – The Shiny Cabin

Unlike the Rolls-Royce’s interior, where the focus is on comfort, this Maybach concept brings a futuristic cockpit. There are digital displays in the entire cabin, even on the windshield. This is a completely new level, but hopefully, we will see something like this in the future instead of the today’s infotainment displays.


6. Ridesharing

Is ridesharing the future of car industry? Possibly and this concept minicar is here to demonstrate this. It can be summoned if you need it, but it transports other people as well. Although this is not your vehicle, it can recognize you and greet you with a personalized light display. The doors open for you to hop in and enjoy the ride.

7. Is this a Spaceship?

Sorry to disappoint you but it is not a spaceship. Designers from United Nude spent five years in order to assemble this eccentric electric car. This vehicle has no doors, and it sports a hexagon-shaped steering wheel which means that the interior is as bizarre as the exterior. The range of this vehicle is 31 miles, but you would certainly have fun driving it.

8. The H2 – a hydrogen car enters production

Pininfarina, the Italian design house, decided to produce their new hydrogen vehicle called the H2. It should hit the market in about 12 months. The top speed of this car is 186 mph whereas it can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. Hydrogen cars are perhaps better than electric variants, but the problem is a lack of hydrogen stations. Nevertheless, the production of the H2 is inevitable, which is promising.


9. Mercedes Vision Van – Exterior you haven’t seen before

This odd-looking electric van has a fully automated cargo space which loads packages and which has the ability to alert the driver when the drop-off location is near. The package is pushed through a hatch on the roof, after which the drone grabs it and takes it to the destination. We will like to see this van as soon as possible.


10. Tesla’s battery upgrade

Nobody wants to buy an electric vehicle that can go 100 miles per one charge. That is why the battery upgrade is such a big deal. Recently, the Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced this update and with the new battery, the Model S with Ludicrous mode can go 315 miles per charge. This is the first electric car with the range over 300 miles. Way to go Tesla.