Should Cowboys’ Jason Garrett Win Coach Of The Year Award?

Dallas Cowboys are tied with the Patriots for the best record in the league. They are leading the NFC with only two losses in 15 weeks of NFL football. This Dallas Cowboys’ season can be described as magical. Overachieving happens every year in the NFL and this season, it’s the Dallas Cowboys that have played much better than they actually can and that everyone expected.

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are doing everything that they need to do in order for this team to win while that offensive line continues to pave the way for their back and protect their rookie signal caller. As the best team in the NFC, does Jason Garrett deserves to win Coach of the Year award?

To be clear, we think he will win it as he will get the most votes. But should he? In our opinion no. Here is why.

If he had gone on the record saying that Dak Prescott should remain at quarterback before Romo got cleared, he would have gotten our vote. He waited for Romo to declare Dak the starting signal caller and he let Jerry Jones to practically agree with that while he was just waiting for the orders from others. He didn’t have the courage to make the most important decision of the season.

In our opinion, he was lucky that Romo went out and said that it’s Dak’s job. If he hadn’t done that, Jones would say that Romo should start and Garrett would have just agreed without saying a word. That is why he shouldn’t win this award.