We bring you 10 cars that are discontinued for 2018!


11Cars that won’t be back next year


This year, like all others before, was interesting as far as auto industry is considered, but there is also the other side of the coin, a lot darker side. That side holds the forgotten and discontinued vehicles. Yes, discontinued, you read well. Cars also have to go to retirement and this year we will see a few notable models that are actually being retired by their automakers. Maybe there will be hope for them sometime down the road, and they make a huge comeback, but for now, these are the models you can say “bye-bye” to.

The list we have prepared here can be viewed as one last shout-out, or even as a tribute to these models that probably many of you out there own/owned, drive/drove or possibly love/loved! You might think that this is a little harsh, but with changing times and technology, it is only logical to replace or leave behind those who are not able to follow anymore. It is basically an evolutionary thing. So, not to prolong anymore, here is the list: