Dwayne The Rock Johnson never separates from his portable gym called the Iron Paradise

Source: instagram.com

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is famous for being one of the most talented people on the planet given the fact that his career is built on several fields including movies, TV shows, politics as well as his wrestling career. He is also an activist and founder of charity foundation. However, as if it wasn’t enough, this man is also known for his supreme good looks and god-like body. And there is a reason for that, of course. Johnson has been working hard all his life in order to keep his body in shape.

In order to do so, Dwayne has to stick to his daily routine, without exceptions. For that reason, he invested a great deal in his gym that weighs 18,000 kilos or 20,000 pounds, which he can bring anywhere he goes. Upon changing the location of his residence due to shooting or any other activity, around 18,000 kilos of fitness equipment get set in the portable tent, and they make the “anchor” of his gym called “Iron Paradise.” If you want to see how this gym looks like, you can take a look at one of his newest Instagram videos.

Source: instagram.com

He shot the video while being in Vancouver where he is currently working on his new movie Skyscraper. In the clip he thanks his crew for setting up his gym as he is aware of the tediousness of the work. He knows that he can be tiring from time to time, but apparently that’s for the greater good. In his post, he also mentions that although his working schedule is “insane” he manages to accomplish everything just because his anchor is always there with him. He gets up early every day at 5 am and never misses his daily routine of the workout.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been working on huge projects lately, including Baywatch as well as his forthcoming movie Rampage. However, he always finds time to keep himself in shape.