Charlotte Reveals What She Wants To Do At Wrestlemania 34


Women are a big part of the WWE. Back in the day, they paled in comparison to the men and what they are able to do in the ring. Now, they are just as good as top guys, more than capable of stealing the show and having the best match on any given card, whether it is only a regular show or a big-time pay per view. One of the most gifted women on the roster right now is Charlotte.

WWE pushed her straight to the moon after she made her main roster debut. We can’t blame them for that as she is probably the best in-ring performer that they have in that division. Over the course of her championship run, she learned how to be a proper heel and raised her stock in the company.

When we talk about the biggest women’s matches that WWE can put together at Wrestlemania, the conversation will for sure involve Charlotte. She is one of the biggest stars of that division, credible enough to even go up against some of the stars from the world of MMA, like Ronda Rousey, who has been rumored to be Charlotte’s opponent at Mania.


The company usually wants to get as many women on the show as possible, but Charlotte has a different opinion on what she wants to do in New Orleans next April.

“Honestly, for a women’s singles match. I know that WrestleMania is a day that we try to get everyone involved because it is the biggest day of the year. It’s such a family event. But I would like a women’s singles match. Competitively, I wanna be in it, I’m not gonna lie. I would be upset if I wasn’t. But at the same time, having a singles match for the women just goes to show how much WWE has invested in the women as a whole, and how important women’s wrestling is to kids and families.”