10 celebrities that don’t use social networks and the Internet anymore


While most stars in Hollywood use Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis, there are some who simply refuse to be a part of the social network circus. Some do not want to have anything to do with technology. One of their most common answers is that they do not want to fall into the trap to google their name and get annoyed by what they read in the texts and commentaries.

Christopher Walken

In an interview with “Newsweek,” Christopher Walken said he felt very “peaceful” for not using the computer. “My wife told me, since she has a computer, that I could look up myself on the Internet, to go through all those masochistic things. But I don’t fall into the temptation to do so.”


Winona Ryder

The popular star of, among other things, a series “Stranger Things” says that she almost never uses the Internet or a computer. “I got an email on my phone, and that’s all. I never read blogs.”


Angelina Jolie

A few years ago, Jolie admitted that she does not even know how to turn on a computer, and in 2011, she said to the “USA Today” that when she first searched Amazon, she was surprised by all the options she found.


Brad Pitt

In the same manner like his ex-wife, Pitt said he did not know how the computer works and did not want to be a part of what he called a “publicity machine.”
“It’s a whole other entity that simply draws you in,” he stated to the “Newsweek” in 2009, “You have to sell your wares. This is something I have never found myself in.”


George Clooney

Clooney is known for being an opponent of Facebook and Twitter. When asked about opening an account on social networks Clooney has, believe it or not, said: “I’d rather have a rectal exam live on TV, by the buddy with cold hands than a Facebook page.”


Rachel Mcadams

In 2009, McAdams said she listened to the news on the radio, and that she did not have a TV. She also added that she is very bad when it comes to sending emails.



Eminem has opened an account on Twitter, but he rarely uses it.

“Here’s why I do not want to know how to use a computer. If I learn that, I’ll be spending all day on this s ** it, seeing comments about myself, and it will drive me crazy.”


Shailene Woodley

For “The Daily Beast” Shailene said she rarely uses the Internet as well as a phone, and that she is generally not a fan of technology.


Jake Gyllenhaal

Two years ago, Gyllenhaal for “USA Today” expressed his frustration because it seemed to him that people spend more time on the phone than they get involved in their immediate environment.

“We all look down. No one looks up. ”


Jennifer Lawrence

In 2014, Jennifer Lawrence stated for the BBC that she was not very good at using the phone, email or any other means of new technologies, and to her, opening an account on Twitter is unthinkable. She has not changed her mind ever since.