iPhone 8 Design Leaked, News and Updates

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The new Apple’s iPhone 8 is supposed to be introduced in September this year, but the speculations and the rumors are already flooding the internet. Apple has yet to confirm all of the details and specs of the upcoming smartphones, but we can already see what some of the most important features of the iPhone 8 are through various leaks and reports. According to the latest info, the schematics of the new device which is going to include several speculated features is revealed, and if the design turns out to be accurate, its rival, Samsung Galaxy S8 might lose some of its popularity.

The Chinese tech web analysis Ifanr was the first one to do an in-depth coverage of the iPhone 8’s leaked schematics. According to this Chinese blog, the leak comes from Foxconn’s factories, which means that this one is the closest to the smartphone’s final design for now.

As we can immediately see, based on the latest leaked schematics, the new iPhone will go through some interesting modifications, and it will be different from the iPhone 6 and the template that has been used for the past three smartphone generations. The iPhone 8 is going to sport a gigantic display that will dominate the entire front end of the phone while earpiece, front-facing camera, and other sensors are integrated into the screen, so the rumors turned out to be correct.

Source: bgr.com

A physical fingerprint sensor cannot be seen in the leaked image, and the speculations suggest that it is supposed to be embedded into the display of the new phone. Samsung tried to do the similar thing with their Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but due to some production problems, the company was forced to include the visible fingerprint sensor located at the back, next to the rear camera. If Apple pulls this off and actually integrates the fingerprint scanner into the flagship device, it will be a major plus, and the iPhone 8 will have the edge over the Galaxy lineup.

The leaked design also reveals the phone’s dual-camera system, which has debuted on the current iPhone 7 Plus. We are waiting for the official confirmation of this feature for the new flagship and based on the leaks, the primary cameras will be placed vertically, which is different compared to the arrangement of cams on its predecessor. According to speculations, the vertical arrangement has something to do with the rumored AR capabilities, but this unusual configuration continues to puzzle the fans.

So, we expect to see the iPhone 8 with a large display that features a lot of additions including integrated fingerprint sensor and vertically placed dual-lens cameras, but what else is there? The photo also reveals that the new flagship device is not going to use a curved display which the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus feature. According to a BGR report, the screen of the new iPhone 8 is going to have a very subtle curve, following the curvature of the display’s 2.5D panel.

Source: bgr.com

This leaked photo of the final design of the Apple’s smartphone has managed to get the attention of a huge number of fans around the world. The ongoing iPhone 7 is lagging behind the two new devices produced by the South Korean tech giant, and Cupertino-based company needs to step up in order to catch up. If the recent rumors and speculations are to be trusted, the new Apple iPhone 8 is going to be as spectacular as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, or perhaps even better.

The new iPhone 8 is going to be released sometime in September this year. The official pricing details have yet to be announced, but rumors indicate that the starting price of iPhone 8 may exceed $1,000.

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