10 Gadgets and Accessories to Take on a Family Camping Trip


Many families in the world prefer to go on a family camping for a vacation instead of paying rent or hotel rooms. The couples who were into these types of holidays, always want to keep that spirit in the marriage too and to include their children to the unique adventures camping offers.

But, you should know that a camping trip with your children is different than a holiday as a couple or alone. You should be careful about many things, to bring a lot more food and blankets and to choose kids friendly location. If you know how to do that, you will have a great experience and will make beautiful memories for you and your family. That’s why you need to plan the trip and make a list of all of the necessary gadgets and accessories you need to take with you.

We decided to help you with this task and we made a shortlist of the gear you need for your family camping vacation:

  1. Tent and tent accessories


If you decide to go camping with a tent, you need to take a few useful things, like stakes, rain cover, ground cover and pads and air mattress with a pump. You will also need enough pillows for every family member, blankets and sleeping bags for cooler nights. If you don’t have anything, you need to buy it, because it’s possible to need that one thing that you don’t own. To find the best accessories and compare the features and prices, check alltoptenbest for more information.

  1. Camping equipment


If you are an experienced camper, you already know the basics, but now you need to bring more of it. For example, you always need a folding table and camping chairs, so you can eat and play games properly. Don’t forget to bring enough flashlights, lanterns, candles, and batteries. Also, you need portable coolers and kitchen supplies and utensils, including plates, cups, and pans. Don’t forget to take a hammer and other tools that you will need to set the tent.

  1. Clothes

You will need to change clothes more frequently when you are camping, so consider bringing them more. Double the number for the children, because they will get dirty every day, and you wouldn’t have a washing machine nearby. So, pack up swimsuits if you go swimming, comfortable clothes, sneakers and slippers, and sweaters and coats for the evenings. Bring enough pajamas for the nights.

  1. Hygiene items

You won’t be able to perform your daily routines as you always do, especially showers and going to the toilet. Many camping sites have their toilets that you can use, but you need to bring your toilet paper, toothbrushes, pads, soap, shampoo, and shower gels. If you travel with a baby, you must buy enough diapers and baby wipes, and to dispose of them correctly in the trash. Bring enough trash bags and don’t leave the garbage behind you.

  1. Water filter


You can bring a few balloons of water, but sometimes you will have to filter the natural water, so the filters are good to have. You will have fresh water to wash your hands and for hygienic purposes. If you buy a good filter, it will clean 99,9% of the possible contaminants and that can be an alternative source of drinking water. But is safer for you to buy enough potable water, so you can avoid poisoning and stomach bugs.

  1. Pocket torch, lighter and matches

If the camping area allows it, you would like to set a campfire. You don’t need to rub sticks together for that. Don’t forget to take a pocket torch and matches, so you can easily maintain the fire and don’t let the wind destroy it. Be careful and follow the rules, so you can protect yourself and your family from fires.

  1. Mosquito repeller

Bugs and mosquitos can be a great problem while camping, especially near the water. You can always buy repellant lotions and sprays, but consider purchasing a portable repeller, that will help you stop the insects from biting and destroying your stay.

  1. Portable pressure shower

Hygiene is a must, even when the conditions are difficult. If you stay in an area that doesn’t have showers, you will need to purchase a portable one. These gadgets use the foot as a pumping pressure. You can use the water you filtered before. The bad thing is that the portable showers can’t warm up the water, but you can always leave a few bottles to heat with the sunlight, and then fill up the dispenser and use the water to shower.

  1. First aid kit


When you travel with your kids, you need to take the first aid kit with you, so you can treat minor injuries. The kit contains gloves, gauze pads, tourniquet, medical tape, bandages, and wound disinfects. You need this kit for every kind of trip, so you can treat the wounds and injuries until you arrive at the doctor’s office.

  1. GPS device and/or walkie-talkie

You need these gadgets if you want to explore the area. The GPS device will help you navigate easily, and the walkie-talkie can be used to communicate with other family members. You can use your smartphone as a GPS navigator, but it shortens the battery life. Specialized devices are manufactured to last long, so you won’t risk staying without any communication device with you.

What I shouldn’t bring with me?

There are many things that you shouldn’t bring with you on camping, including raw chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables that spoil easily, high heels and perfumes. If you own a dog, they may love the adventure. On the other hand, if you have a cat, it’s better to ask someone to take care while you are absent because they are not a type of pet who wants to move.

Follow our guide, and we can assure you that you will have the time of your life, together with your family. And if you forget something, don’t lose your mind. You can survive without that, or you can always drive to the store and buy what you miss.