10 Good and Bad Alternatives To Toilet Paper


We face various problems – lack of money, issues with our boss, wife, husband, kids, bank, you name it. However, there is one problem people refuse to talk about, and it occurs when you are done with the number two in the bathroom or the wilderness, and you realize that you have no toilet paper. Now, that is a real pain. Here are ten alternatives to toilet paper.

10. Money


This is not really recommended, but you can use the money for this particular purpose. However, it contains a lot of bacteria and other awful microbes, so you better find something else. Wasting money this way can be really bad for your economy unless you are filthy rich.

9. A Rock

When you are in the wilderness, you’ll be probably looking for a leaf or something like that, but a rock can serve the purpose. Should we even tell you that you need to find a smooth one? Also look for the one that is not too large, or too small.

8. Socks


Socks can be used both in a bathroom and in the wild. This is actually a solid solution to your problem, but when you are done, take care of your sock properly and if you are camping somewhere, put it in a separate place in your backpack – don’t just throw it in nature.

7. Leaves

This is a better alternative than a rock, and you can find leaves anywhere. Find the smoothest ones, and you can get yourself a small branch of leaves, just in case. Plus they are already in nature which means that after you are done, you can leave them outdoors.

6. Water

Water is also a good solution because it is clean and if you can find a lake, creek or even pond, you can just dive in and bathe. Also, if you cannot find a natural resort, you can turn to your bottle of water for help if you have enough. Don’t use water if you need to hydrate later on and you don’t have much.

5. Pine Cones


Pine Cones are actually good for your behind, and all you have to do is turn the right side (you’ll know what it is). Just like leaves, pine cones can be found in nature, and you can just leave them on the ground after you’re done

4. Banana Peel

Using banana peel can be effective if you don’t have anything else to use. However, as you can guess, this is not the best solution, but this is what you are stuck with, and until you find something better, it could help you temporarily.

3. Duck Tape


Duck Tape seems like a bad solution, but it can be a good alternative to toilet paper. It has two sides, and you can use them both, but you think about which side is actually better to use. Try not to irritate your private parts with the duck tape and once again, if you can find something better, find it.

2. Sandpaper

Ok, this is the last resort, and it cannot go any further. If you cannot find anything and I mean, literally anything, then use the sandpaper. Once again, think about the side which is going to be better for you. But if you can find sandpaper in your bathroom and there is not a toilet paper, then we need to ask you – HOW?

1. Cotton Balls


Cotton balls are used to remove paint from women’s toenails and cleanse their face. These can be a perfect alternative because of their softness and material. You will finish what you started effectively, and you can safely go back to whatever you had been doing before the emergency situation.