The Top 10 States With Nicest Beaches

You need not venture outside the US to see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The United States of America have a plethora of beautiful, natural attractions- most importantly, our country has some gorgeous beaches and shores.

Some of these beaches are for those who have a laid-back lifestyle and want to take everything easy. These are the calmer beaches where you can sit quietly and watch the sunset.

Needless to say, other people prefer to spend their time more dynamically. For these individuals, it might be best to consider some other beaches with more vibrant exciting activities.

You know that you’re a beach person if you like to go to the shore regardless of the weather. If you’re not one of those “cold-phobic” people, you’ll most certainly find it interesting to visit some northern states where the water is a little bit on the colder side, even during the summer months.

We’ll devote some time here to try to cover everyone’s favorite- hot destinations with loads of blazing sunshine and pleasant water.

That’s our intention- to find the top 10 states with most beautiful beaches, and to simultaneously find the best beaches from each of these categories:

1. Best for surfing
2. Best for family vacation
3. Best nightlife
4. Best for sightseeing
5. Best overall

Top States With Best Beaches For Surfing

Surfers are a curious, rather specific bunch of individuals who usually don’t really care about the same factors that other people take into consideration when choosing the best beach for vacation. Surfers search for good waves, regardless of the geographical location (e.g. south/north).

New Jersey

This state is most certainly not what you would call a perfect destination for surfers. It’s a little bit more north and says the Carolina’s which tends to give it a little bit colder water. But the New Jersey beaches are still widely known and respected among the subgroup of both extreme and hobby.

There are some surfers, who call themselves “The Numb Skulls”, and they don’t let such trivial things as freezing weather (literally freezing, with snow and all that) and extremely cold water, hinder their enthusiasm and love for surfing.

Some top shore towns for surfing in New Jersey include Atlantic City, Wildwood, Ocean City, and Seaside Heights to name a few.

The best shore towns for the family to go on vacation, are Point Pleasant New Jersey, Ocean City New Jersey, Asbury park, and Wildwood New Jersey

You can find out more about thrilling New Jersey beaches on


California is king when it comes to the local surfing community, Huntington Beach, which offers loads of opportunities to avid surfers. Obviously, because California is on the West Coast, tourists will find that California boasts some very pleasant weather during the entire year, on average, when compared with the New Jersey beaches.

Huntington Beach is actually a state-protected beach, as it provides breeding spaces to a few endangered species of animals. We feel that Huntington Beach actually competes for the best beach overall in the United States.

It has many courts for various sports like volleyball and basketball. The state also provides lifeguard security, which is necessary due to the sheer amount of people who visit the Huntington beach throughout the year.

Top States With Beaches For Family Vacation

Finding a perfect location for a family vacation can be a drag. You have to consider a lot of things like “Will the kids like it?”, “How noisy it is?”, “Are there any attractions for kids?”. Fortunately, the US is full of great beaches where you can take your family, and have a great time.


With its splendid town, Clearwater, Florida ranks high on the list of top family destinations. If you opt for Clearwater, FL, you’ll do best to visit this place anywhere between October and May. From June till September, Clearwater gets a lot of rain, and you don’t want to disappoint your kids with a sedentary vacation.
These are just some of the most interesting things to see:

1. Moccasin Lake Nature Park
2. Clearwater Marine Aquarium (with dolphins, sharks, otters, turtles, pelicans, etc.)

Interestingly enough, Clearwater has three sister cities- Nagano from Japan (since 1959 when Mayor Kurashima of Nagano came to the United States), Wyong from Australia, and Kalamaria, from Greece.


Ocean City Maryland is another great destination for families. This resort town has also put in the boardwalk with many restaurants and hotels and little shops. Much like the New Jersey boardwalks little bit north on the Atlantic, they also have a bunch of rides and games on their boardwalk.


It’s not surprising to see California once again on this list. However, this time it’s not a particularly surf-friendly destination. If you want to spend a nice time with your family in California, you might as well visit Long Beach with its attractions:

1. RMS Queen Marry- this ship, reminiscent of the great Titanic (and approximately as old as the Titanic), is permanently docked in Long Beach.
2. Aquarium of the Pacific- extremely well-equipped and large aquarium.
3. Grand Prix of Long Beach

Top States With Best Beaches For Nightlife

If you are a dazed adolescent who loves to party, or if you simply like to have a good time, you should consider some of these beach town destinations. We left out places known for its nightlife on purpose, so we can devote more space to more obscure (but no less interesting!) beaches with great nightlife.


Perhaps one wouldn’t think of Texas when someone mentions nightlife, but this state has Isla Blanca Beach, which increases the allure of Texas for young adolescents who only want to party. Isla Blanca is the so-called spring-break location, and there are many students here from March to April. Not only are streets lush with restaurants and bars, but there’s barbeque everywhere!


Perhaps Texas isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about nightlife, but Delaware probably wasn’t even a possibility. And yet this obscure state has some interesting “happenings”, especially during the summer. Delaware, and its beaches like Rehoboth, often find their place on the “Best Little Beaches” lists. While you shouldn’t expect anything too big, Rehoboth will still offer loads of good music during the summer months.

Best States With Nice Beaches for Sightseeing

  1. New York (Ditch Plains Beach)
  2. Hawaii (Waipio Valley Beach)

Best States With Beaches Overall

  1. South Carolina (Beachwalker Park)
  2. Massachusetts (Coast Guard Beach)


We tried to find some lesser-known beaches, but still also mention some of the popular ones. The most important thing nowadays is diversity, and we think we were able to select the most diverse samples of US beaches. You’ve probably noticed that we’ve only mentioned one Hawaii beach. This is simply due to the fact that many Hawaii beaches deserve a text on their own.