10 Websites for Free Online Cartoons


We have to admit we cannot imagine a childhood without cartoons. We all loved watching them when we were young; whether your favorite was Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry, Road Runner or PoPoye the Sailor Man, you just couldn’t get enough, right? Back then, Cartoon Network was the main source of this kind of pleasure, but nowadays various cartoons are available all over the Internet, so children can more easily access their favorite ones. We present you with a list of top ten websites where you can find cartoons and watch them for free.

10 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online


You may or may not be a big cartoon fan, but you have probably heard about Toonjet. It is considered to be one of the best-known websites for watching cartoons, as there is a great variety of choices it offers. Whether you want to find the classic Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry, or Transformers, you should look it up here.


Super Cartoons

On Super Cartoons there are a large number of all kinds of cartoons and animated movies, but the site does not contain animated series. However, what it does offer is the possibility to download the content you are interested in.

Disney Junior

No matter how great some channel, app or website might be, whatever Disney designs remain the top choice. Perhaps this is the case because we get used to Disney from an early age. Whatever the reason may be, companies website for watching cartoons online for free is no exception.


Cartoons On

What singles out this site is the fact that it is so easy to navigate and you don’t have any troubles finding the cartoon you want (you can search by characters, studio, series, shows). In addition to this, it is very convenient due to its clean clutter-free design.

Nick Toons

When it comes to the content for children, it can be said that Nick Toons is the second-best choice after Disney. If you love the TV channel Nickelodeon, you will love this website, too.

Watch Cartoons

Even though this one is not that popular as Disney or Nick Toons, it is still definitely worth mentioning. The website is organized well, as you can find everything you need on the home page. You just need to pick your favorite cartoon, animated movie or series and enjoy.

Anime Flavor

The main reason why you should check Anime Flavor (if you haven’t already) is the fact that you can find whatever cartoon that might cross your mind. Try it out and see for yourself.

Toon Get

Just like some of the previously mentioned, Toon Get also singles out for its great organization. This site has a separate box for the most watched and trending cartoons, which is, of course, right there on the homepage, so you can’t miss it.


Cartoon Park TV

Yes, all children like spending time in a park, but this one will be particularly interesting and exciting for them, because they can spend hours and hours with their favorite cartoon characters from Tom and Jerry, Noddy, Pokemon, Beyblade, Oswald, Ninja Hattori and many others.

Cartoon Movies HQ

The name of this website suggests you can find only cartoon movies here, but don’t get tricked by that. Cartoon Movies HQ actually offers a huge number of animated series, so if you love The Simpsons, Infinite Stratos, Family Guy, American Dad or some other, this is the right place for you.

New Grounds

Last but not least, New Grounds is worth mentioning for many reasons. Not only does it offer the latest cartoons which are sometimes hard to find, but it also contains the classic black and white ones. What’s also important to mention is that all these are available in HD version. You don’t want to miss that, do you?