The Curse of Oak Island new video preview brings season finale spoilers

Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty, are still trying to solve the mystery of Oak Island and it seems that 10 years of hard work will finally pay off. According to early videos and preview, we are getting huge spoiler in the season finale of The Curse Of Oak Island.

Is it really possible that the team has finally struck the right spot and find the immense treasure in Money Pit? All the reports regarding the last episode of the Season 4 indicate that they did hit the jackpot.

When you write “10 years of hard work all pay off, tonight” it can be interpreted that everything will be resolved and that mystery has finally met its match. A short video that was posted by official page of The Curse Of Oak Island previews 2-hour season finale where we can see new objects taken out from the digging site and Marty yelling: “Right here, right now” and adding “That’s the wault.”

Another expert says that the crew really has something here and later on Marty says: “Question is, where do we go from here?” We could notice one very interesting thing when Marty Lagina says that line, his brother is not sitting beside him. Could this mean something?


On top of all this, there are no confirmations about the sequel as the Season 5 is still not announced. Do brothers have problems or they finally found the treasure, and there are no reasons for the show to continue?

Anyway, everyone related to this reality have announced that the Season 4 finale is bringing something fantastic. The crew managed to bring the hype to the show, and it will be interesting to see how will this end.