In 1,000 years we will be living on Mars and we will be IMMORTAL

Human evolution is far from being completed. A man is continually evolving, and when we think of the future, we usually have a vision of people as cyborgs. Now here are the six theses on the possible development of humanity in the next 1,000 years:

1. We will be taller

In the past 130 years, we have significantly grown. While in 1880 the average height of a man was 170 centimeters, today we are seven inches taller.

2. Coalescence of a man and a robot

Even today, people are implementing machines that improve their vision, hearing, or we have them in the form of a pacemaker, in order to contribute to our health. There are even hearing aids with a built-in smartphone.

Scientists at the University of Oregon are currently working on the bionic eye, which will allow the blind to see again – and not only that: they will be able to see some things that are invisible to the naked eye, for example- infrared and X-rays.

The usage of the prosthesis will be on the increase, and they will serve not only the disabled but they will also be available to everyone helping the improvement of our performance, for example, so-called – exoskeletons.

3. The genetic adjustment

However, not only will our outer appearance change. At the microscopic level, our genes will also be going through a certain development, essential for our survival.

Scientists at Oxford University have found that a group of children in South Africa, infected with HIV, live as if they were not infected. How is it possible? It turns out that they have developed their own defense mechanism which prevents the outbreak of the virus. Such a genetic adaptation in the future will be more frequent.

4. The modification of the gene

By applying the techniques called CRISPR, today it is possible to change the DNA components in the hereditary material. Genes can be relatively precisely removed or installed. Thanks to the treatment of the genome, we become immune to the disease and can, for example, slow down the aging process.

Scientists are using this method even today, for example, in biotechnology. Chinese researchers are currently testing it on human embryos.

5. Life on Mars

Over the next thousand years, our evolution path could take us to Mars. In this case, we will be faced with a new problem: 66 percent less sunlight than on Earth.

As a result, eye pupil size of Martians will adjust and become larger to be able to absorb more light and therefore enable them to see better in the lower light situation.

6. Immortality

The biggest change in human evolution over the next thousand years will be immortality. The road to immortality will be lead through the machines, in which we will keep our consciousness.

Chinese and Italian scientists are therefore now working on a head transplantation of animals to determine whether consciousness can be transferred from one body to another. In the next stage, they will be transplanting human’s heads.

However, in the future it is also conceivable a full memorizing, i.e. copying and altering human consciousness.