2001 Mitsubishi S.U.P Concept – Remembering the Ridiculous Concept


Let’s look back at the Mitsubishi S.U.P concept, which has definitely been one of the oddest concepts ever assembled. This vehicle was designed for people who were “happy using hi-tech gadgets and gizmos Monday to Friday.”

This concept was supposed to come with semi-transparent door panels which could be detached and serve as storage compartments. Furthermore, both the headlights and taillights were a part of the tubes which stretched around the car. Besides the car’s suicide doors, a hardtop with a full-length panoramic roof which could be electrically controlled was another radical feature.

The cabin was equipped with four seats, whereas the seatback-mounted backpacks were also included. However, the oddest feature of all, if it could even be called a feature, was an integrated shower. The S.U.P or the Sports Utility Pack had a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. Moreover, the combustion engine of the vehicle powered the front wheels and it was combined with two electric motors, each of whom distributed power to one rear wheel.

The reasons were obvious why this AWD vehicle never reached production. It was presented for the first time at 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. Two years before, however, the ItalDesign-built Isuzu VX-02 concept was introduced and it also looked ridiculous. This car was more interesting than the S.U.P and some of his segments could have potentially appeared on a production car.