Four-Cylinder Camaro built specially for autocross!

You probably already know, but there is no shame in repeating this stuff – Chevrolet offers track-ready 1LE versions of its V6 and V8 powered Camaros, and that is a well-known info. But, what you do not know is that they have built a concept car especially for SEMA and it is an autocross machine all the way. The vehicle in question is a 2.0-liter four cylinder Camaro with a more than an appropriate name – Camaro Turbo AutoX.

This Camaro has only 275 HP and that actually means that it is the least powered model in Chevy lineup, but that is not everything, what goes in its favor is that this is the lightest and the best-balanced machine in the range. Those are the reasons that pushed Chevy to make a parking lot racing vehicle. Its suspension is lowered by additional 20 mm, and it packs stiffer suspension links, larger stabilizer bars, and an under-hood strut tower brace. No matter that it isn’t the quickest or the most powerful Camaro it has to be fitted with Chevrolet Performance front brake kit that adds six-piston calipers and slotted rotors. Safety always!

Under its hood, the four-cylinder unit got a new cold-air intake, an ECU tune up that now allows for more turbo boost and a performance exhaust as well. Since the autocross is all about response times and who is quicker, Chevrolet decided to fit a short-shift kit for the six-speed manual. Exterior look, which you can see from the images, is anything but subtle. The insane Day-Glo paint scheme rounded up with the 20 inch ZR1 style wheels just scream – Look At Me! To complete its competition car style and look a tow hook peeking under the front grille is a must and looks nice.

We all are aware that this isn’t going to see production any time soon, at least according to current plans, but what is great is that some of these upgrades might just find their way into the GM Performance Parts catalog. You may look at this Camaro Turbo AutoX as a base model, but it is truly a track ready car and it is rightfully wearing every one of these track ready mods.

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