2016 Los Angeles auto show is near and here is what to expect!


More than awesome Paris motor show is already a month behind us, but everybody’s imagination are running at full speed because just a week from now comes the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show. This one is annual as well and it is the largest one for North America region alongside with the New York International Auto Show and the biggest one which is famous Detroit’s North American International Auto Show. Organizers of this year’s show have given their best to make it memorable and promised around 23 world debuts together with over 1.000 cars on display. Boy o boy, we can’t wait!

Among the vast amount of the brands that have confirmed their first-time world appearance are Honda’s luxury brand Acura, Alfa Romeo, Infiniti, Jeep, Mazda, Mini, Nissan (X2), Porsche (X3), Subaru and Volkswagen. But this year it won’t be all about main brands and their models and debuts. A few Niche brands like Divergent Blade, and Elio have something to show too, and that is why they will have their place on the showroom floor with more “to-be-announced” brands that are promised.

As you know, many of the vehicles have seen the light of the day already, whether through online showcasing or during special events. Do not despair as much more is yet to be revealed officially, and almost as much are yet to be seen for the first time. What exactly can you expect from this 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show is in the list bellow, but do not think that that is it. This list is likely going to be expanded, and expect more than a few surprises added as well.

Concept cars


Acura – unidentified concept (confirmed)
Cadillac Escala (confirmed, already revealed)
Jaguar – electric SUV (not confirmed yet just reported)
Subaru – unidentified concept (confirmed)

Production vehicles


Alfa Romeo Stelvio (confirmed, spied)
Audi A5 Cabrio, S5 Cabrio (confirmed, already revealed)
Cadillac CT6 – PHEV variant (not confirmed yet)
Jeep Compass (confirmed, already revealed)
Lamborghini – unidentified vehicle (confirmed, spied couple of times)
Mazda CX-5 (confirmed, teaser released)


Mercedes-AMG E63 (confirmed, already revealed)
Mini Countryman (confirmed, already revealed)
Volkswagen Atlas (confirmed, already revealed)
Volkswagen e-Golf – update (not confirmed yet)

2016 Los Angeles Motor Show starts on November 14th, for those who do not know. Keep an eye on it because this year we expect to see more than a few promising entries with lots of new and many surprises on offer.