Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – Week 10 Picks And Predictions


Houston Texans are coming off a bye week in which they had some time to rest and prepare for a tough second half of the season in which they need to secure the divisional crown. Colts are still a valid threat while the Titans will try to strike from a distance. In reality, it has come down to either Indianapolis or Houston.

With that being said, Texans need to win these kinds of duels. Jaguars are struggling to stay consistent as they weren’t able to tie together a couple of good performances. Their receivers are having a tough time, while quarterback has regressed a bit and their running game is almost nonexistent.

Texans need to win this match. Osweiler has had his fair share of problems this season, but it still hasn’t cost the Texans. They are still pretty much in the lead in their own division. Now, Brock Osweiler needs to step up and make a connection with DeAndre Hopkins in order to prove that he was worth the money that he was given in the offseason.


Jags are all but done in this division. The best thing that they can do is beat their divisional foes and spoil their postseason plans. They will be playing on the home field, so they have that going on in their favor.

Even though the Texans are far from trustworthy, we don’t see them losing this game to the equally troublesome Jacksonville Jaguars. If you are not a fan of one of these two squads, don’t watch this match. Texans are going to be victorious with final score on the board showing 26:21.