2017 Ford GT Is Perfect Year-Round Car, Even For Winter

image source: imgur.com user slippy11

In the spy photos that we have received the Ford GT supercar is spotted during winter testing somewhere in Ontario. What is interesting to add is the fact that the snow still didn’t hit that region, so we have many questions about these pics.

Imgur user showed images and these were obviously taken more than a few months ago when there still was snow on the road. The question is why waiting this much before delivering photos. It is possible that he only recently received those and immediately offered them to the Internet.

image source: imgur.com user slippy11

We could see one of Ford GT prototypes getting into trouble in Colorado where he pushed slightly over the speed limit and got pulled over. I mean, come on, how not to break it at least just a little bit in a monster like this. As soon as you push the throttle more than 10 percent, you’re in trouble.

Let’s get back to these latest photos. Ford obviously thoroughly tested their newest supercar in winter conditions, and if you find suitable tires for it, there are no more excuses why this baby should be left off in the garage for few months. You might not have the same amount of fun in your $400,000 supercar like during the summer, but still, it would be insanely perfect to drive this all year long.

We already could see pretty much all details about 2017 Ford GT so we will offer those in short. It will be powered by 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 unit that is heavily tuned and upgraded so it could pump out more than 600 hp. When you pack this in lightweight carbon fiber body, you get a real monster. Even the summer tires will not be able to fully control that beast and what do you think what will happen when you put winter tires on it.

Since we know that new supercar will be assembled in Markham, Ontario facility, it is quite logical to see it testing there. With matte green-grey color it obviously is a prototype vehicle, and we might add that it looks fantastic on the foggy and snowy day. What we don’t know is what tires are those. Factory equipped Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 has a different thread, so it obviously comes with modified setup.

image source: imgur.com user slippy11

Would you drive this machine during winter or you would let it rest in a warm garage?