Tesla set to break record of vehicle production and deliveries


Data released today by Tesla reveals that the company has set achieved a new feat as contained in its quarterly record for production of vehicles as well as its delivery in Q3. Contained in the record is a report of the company having made delivery of about 24, 500 vehicles, which is a huge increase of 70% from what it was able to deliver last year after failing to meet up.

The record shows that in this quarter, 8, 700 Model X SUVs and 15, 800 Model S sedan were delivered, and that vehicle production rose to 25, 185. This is an increase of 37% from what the 18, 345 that it produced previously.

In August, the company released a lease program of two years that came with a lower starting price of $593 each month so as to encourage sales before the quarter came to an end. We are yet to tell how successful that initiative was, but we can say that the company has done well-increasing production as well as sales in this quarter.

The company made it known that its Q4 deliveries will share similarities to Q3 even with Q4 not having a complete quarter coupled with the challenges that are encountered when vehicles are delivered in the holidays and winter weather.

The company has once again restated that it is set to deliver 50, 000 vehicles come the second part of the year. They revealed that extra 5, 500 vehicles were already produced and in transit, though not delivered and will be by the end of the present quarter.

The company did the same it did in the previous quarter when it announced the numbers involved on a Sunday when the news not so positive. This may be in line with their commitment to release numbers 3 days to the close of a quarter.