2018 Ford Bronco Is Coming, It’s Official

image source: bronco6g.com

For so many years we could hear pleas to Ford to return Bronco into their lineup, and it seems that they finally decided it is time for it to come back. The latest report that we received from the chairman of the union local is that the 2018 Ford Bronco will be built in the companies Michigan plant.

All the way back in 1966 when it was originally launched it was a real 4×4 machine that had Jeep-like features. Not long after that, for some reason, US carmaker decided to make it more of a cruiser but still a good and capable off-road machine.

Obviously, companies started to listen to buyers a lot more than before and with new model Ford is bringing that more truck-like vehicle. If this happens, we are sure that F-150 sourced chassis will be implemented here meaning that we will be getting plenty of aluminum parts and possibility to install a great number of different engines under the hood.

As the new Bronco has been announced for 2018, we are still far from getting all juicy details about it. One thing is for sure, if Ford is gunning for 2018 model year to be attached here they need to introduce it during the next year. The best option is the beginning of the next year when concept could be offered while market ready version and production could start summer to fall of the same year.

image source: bronco6g.com

We can thank Donald Trump for all these details since he was the one that forced Ford representatives to say more about the new model. Just to remind you, Trump criticized carmaker for moving its production to Mexico from Michigan facility, at least for Focus model. In response, we have received info that Bronco will be produced in Michigan plant and that Focus move was needed to free up space for it.

At this moment only renderings are offered by Bronco6G, and it clearly combines design cues from 2004 concept and old iconic and boxy look. While we think that it might be slightly more influenced by F-150, it is possible that final version comes close to this one. Before we get real life photos, there are no reasons why we couldn’t enjoy these that we have.