2017 Ford Ranger FX4 Is A Good Version of the Ranger


Nowadays, pickup trucks are much more different than they were in the past. These trucks were originally built so that they can tow and transport heavy loads, but through series of changes, they have become more than utilitarian vehicles – they have become an active lifestyle vehicles.

Ford is one of the carmakers that try to produce a truck which will not only be powerful and capable. The modern pickups should be appealing, easy to drive and it should sport a lot of cutting-edge technologies and safety features. This type of vehicle has become a family car, an off-roader but it also remained a cargo carrier.

We established that the popularity of trucks is increasing, and so did Ford. That is why Ford Group Philippines came to a decision to assemble a new variant of the popular Ranger, which is called the FX4. The first thing that comes to your mind is how stylish and fashionable the new FX4 looks. Let’s find out more about this pickup.


Exterior and Paint

The one you can see in the photos is colored in Aluminum Metallic, while some details such as the hood, side panels, and tailgate are painted in black for contrast. Also, door handles roof rails and mirror caps are black, whereas the dark tone is enhanced with 18-inch gloss black alloy wheels, front grille, and matte-finished sports bar. As Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.”

Interior and Features

The dashboard of the 2017 Ford Ranger FX4 is taken from the new Everest, and all of the controls on it are easy to access. Moreover, you can find leather upholstery on the seats and embossed FX4 logos, while the multi-function steering wheel is a standard piece of equipment. Instead of a new SYNC 2 or SYNC 3, the FX4 comes with the generation-one SYNC system, which may be outdated, but it is easy to use. Navigation is not a standard feature in this truck, but the FX4 does come with cruise control, multi-information display, stability control, automatic headlights and power folding side mirrors.

Under the Hood and Driving


The 2017 Ford Ranger is equipped with a 2.2-liter Puma I4 turbodiesel engine that produces 160 PS and 385 Nm of torque. Compared to the previous version of the 2.2-liter unit this one is more powerful, and it delivers 10 PS and 10 Nm more. Although this engine is not the most powerful out there, the boost from the turbo comes in earlier, and the whole powertrain is more responsive.

This truck powerplant may be smaller than some typical turbo-diesels, but the power delivery is as smooth as it can be. This pickup is easy to drive and if you press the accelerator pedal hard, the turbo steps in so that you can feel the power. Because of the updated engine, the performance of the FX4 has been improved on the highway as well. The new unit is able to deliver power to the rear wheel much better compared to the same pre-updated unit.

Ford Philippines gave their car a new designation and a styling package that transforms this Ranger FX4 into a special vehicle. It is a shame that an RWD is the only option, but nevertheless, the FX4 is one good pickup truck. In addition, the handling is among the best in the class, whereas the adaptive electronic power steering is a life savior when you have to sit behind the wheel of a truck of this size. The suspension absorbs all the bumps, and the ride is comfortable.


2017 Ford Ranger FX4 Price

The FX4 is a top-notch pickup truck, and Ford used one great model (the Ranger) to produce something even better. The new FX4 brings attractiveness and even without a 4WD it is still an admirable truck. The starting price of the FX4 in the Philippines is PhP 1,359,000.