2017 for Gamers – 4 resolutions every gamer should have!


Well, since 2016 is coming to an end, there are a lot of reasons for gamers to eagerly expect what is coming in 2017. Every new year brings some changes to the table, and 2017 isn’t going to be any different and right below this you will find 4 resolutions that you should have in 2017.

Acquire better VR support for gaming consoles


Everybody knows that 2016 is a year of VR (virtual reality) gaming, but there was a small problem with it. Many of us got excited about VR support but since there were no good VR games to experience the hype surrounding it dwindled very fast. 2017 is going to bring more interesting choices when it comes to this kind of games, and thanks to reports that support this, gamers you should be prepared for what is awaiting you.

Try and give mobile games another chance

This past year has, arguably, presented a lot of choices when it comes to mobile games. We all know that the lifespan of a mobile game is not very long, but it seems that developers are working overtime to improve that fact for 2017. Thanks to them and thanks to the fact that smartphones are getting bigger and more packed than ever, 2017 just might offer us titles that will keep us more interested and boost the binding level of players to mobile games.

Find another love for Nintendo (and rejoice about Universal Studios Nintendo)

Nintendo has proven to all that it can take back the throne again, especially lately thanks to the release of Pokemon Go. This entire situation is only additionally boosted by the new console – the Nintendo Switch that makes us feel that even more is going to come from this console leading company. The latest news was that the Nintendo is going to partner up with Universal Studios so that they could create a Nintendo-themed amusement park. This only means that fans have a lot of Nintendo festivities in 2017 to look forward to.

Attend the SXSW Gaming Conference & Festival

This Austin-based conference is starting to gain more and more popularity each year, ever since their first festival. Thanks to that you can without a doubt expect that the March 2017 SXSW is going to make your head spin with a whole lot more events that it will be hosting in compared to last year’s conference. It will most definitely be the place to visit especially for gamers, as it is going to present a lot of exciting titles for everybody.


With all this being said we all have a lot to hope and expect from 2017, and we are almost certain that the next year will not fail us in any way.

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