Audi Q8 E-Tron Will Be Presented In Detroit

Audi’s new Q8 E-Tron Concept car will be presented at NAIAS in Detroit next month, but this car will reach production in 2019. Audi chief designer Marc Lichte was interviewed by Welt, which also published two official renders. Although details of the new model are unfamiliar, we can conclude that it will be an all-electric vehicle based on its “E-Tron” lettering on the front bumper.

The new Audi might come with a new corporate single-frame front grille with double vertical fins. This grille will be larger and due to these fins it will look slightly different and more attractive. There is also a thick piece of black or gray plastic around the chrome frame, and this plastic is connected to the sharp headlights. In order to make this concept even more aggressive, the engineers added two large vents in the front bumper.

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On the other teaser photo, we can see the Audi Q8 E-Tron from the side and clearly, the roofline is not as sloped towards the rear as the roofline of the BMW X6, but that may change on the production version. This vehicle was spotted testing, and it used a modified Q7 body, so we can say that it will be based on the Q7 which is logical as two might have similar dimensions.

We don’t know anything about the cabin of the Q8 E-Tron, but according to Mr. Lichte, Q8’s interior will resemble the one from the A8 model. You will be able to access most of the functions via the infotainment system as there will be only a few buttons. In addition, the instrument cluster will be all-digital, but that is all of the information we’ve got about the interior so far.

Lichte said that Audi will implement in the next-gen A8 “a completely new operating concept that does not need a switch. All other models will follow this basic principle.” Once the Q8 E-Tron is presented in Detroit we will know more details, so stay tuned.