Top 5 Young Quarterbacks In The NFL Right Now

These are the top five signal callers that you should want on your team and are also drafted in 2014 and after. Here is the list of young superstars at quarterbacks position.

5) JIMMY GAROPPOLO – Has started only two games for the Patriots, but has shown the ability to lead the offense effectively. His arm is pretty strong, and he is a tough guy as he used to play linebacker before switching to quarterback. Needs to get out of Tom Brady’s shadow and show what he can really do.

4) MARCUS MARIOTA – This dude has the wheels on him and can get it done with both his legs and his arm. He didn’t call his own plays in college, but he has played really well in his first two seasons. Tennessee made a good pick at two during last year’s NFL Draft.

3) JAMEIS WINSTON – Leader of men at such young age, Winston is the guy you want to have on your squad. Winston has a great arm and is pretty talented. Takes maybe a bit too many shots downfield than he should. His decision making will get better, and he is going to be scary after few more seasons.

2) DAK PRESCOTT – Decision making at its finest. He is making all the reads and making the right play at the right time. Can deliver the ball to his receivers, can run with the football. Plays the best when his team needs it the most.

1) DEREK CAR – Raiders have their quarterback of the future. He does have great weapons, but he uses them pretty well. Strong arm and toughness are what this man possesses, and every single Raiders fan loves it. Carr is the best young quarterback in the NFL right now.